I’m eating the cake

So for the past couple weeks my physical chemistry professor has been talking about seeing the cake, or smelling the cake kind of like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Well it’s official, and I am out of the tunnel, or in his case eating the cake.

My last final was yesterday morning, and I have to say I’m glad it is over.  Finals are always the most stressful part of the semester, and then when you mix it with having to move out it just seems like there isn’t enough time for everything.  Luckily I’ve got that time, I was able to focus on finals and not worry too much about moving out until they were all done.  I was even able to take a break, take a breath and have a little fun in between.

Summer vacation is a two hour drive home away (and all the packing in between).  Right now summer is an open book.  I could watch some Netflix, go catch a couple movies in theatres, read some books, or even do some traveling.  Right now there are no big summer plans or events going on in my family, we are taking a short trip to visit my sister in Texas but it will be for less then a week.

Here’s to hoping something a little more exciting happens over the next few months, and I’ll be back in August to tell you my story.  Have a great summer everyone!

What kind of learner are you?

I remember taking some kind of learning test in my freshman English class so that we each knew our learning style.  Sadly I don’t remember what my learning style was, so I took a test online recently to find out.

Actually I took two tests, trying to confirm the results.  What ended up happening was that I got two different results.  One test telling me I am a visual learner, and one telling me I am an auditory learner.

The first assessment I took was from education planner, which told me I was 50% audio, 30% visual and 20% tactile.  As an audio learner, learn best by hearing and listening and find it easy to understand spoken instructions instead of written.

The second assessment I did was from whats my learning style, it didn’t give me the percentages of what my different learning styles were, just that I was a visual learner.  According to them anything on the board, diagrams or graphs are valuable.  Visual learners remember what they read/write and understand information when they see it.

I’m not sure what website to believe, and I wasn’t in the mood to take a third test.  I would hope that the one thing I can believe is that I’m not a tactile learner.  From experience I’m sure there is a good mix between audio and visual learning for me, but which is better I’m still not sure.

Do you know what kind of learning style you have?  Take a quiz and let me know in the comments!

Poster Celebration

I invite you all to come and check out the chemistry celebration happening on the 3rd floor of Naraghi all this week.  This celebration happens at the end of every semester where chemistry students present the different experiments they did in the past four months and put it together in a poster celebration.Poster Celebration


If you have even a few minutes you should come check it out.  You can cheer on your friends or even random strangers, and give them support.  I didn’t have a chemistry lab this semester, but I’m sure you will see me there at the end of next semester.

Crime Scene Project

For my Criminalistics class we had to do a crime scene project, where we created the scenario and scene, set it all up and then we had to document everything, pretend like we were going to collect it all and write a report on it.  Basically everything we had learned this semester and last semester was put into the project, and we presented our projects to the class on Tuesday.

5.2 001


This project allowed us to be as creative as we wanted and use whatever resources we saw fit.  My professor told us that in past years students had used dolls or stuffed animals as people.  My group ended up using catsup as blood, and one of my group member’s friend was kind enough to volunteer to be our victim.

5.2 002

The requirements for what we needed to turn in were: unedited notes (so as sloppy and out of order as we like), a list of evidence such as a weapon, sketches and photos of our scene, request for lab services such as DNA testing on a strand of hair that might be the suspects, and a narrative report, where we have to be as detailed as possible.  I think we did a good job on the project, so we will see what happens.

5.2 003

It was also nice that a few faculty in the chemistry department let us use one of the rooms to create our scene, and trust us to clean up afterwards.

Dry Creek Trail

My parents came to visit and spend some time with me this past weekend.  It’s nice to see them because I don’t go home as often as I used to and spend most weekends at the dorms.

We decided that after eating breakfast/brunch that we were going to go for a walk of some sort.  Of course I had to do a little online research since the most I walk is around campus and maybe a few places close by.  The one with the best reviews that wasn’t a 45+ drive away was Dry Creek Trail in Modesto.

There is some beautiful scenery there, lots of flowers and squirrels running around.  There is also disk golf, if you are interested in playing that.  The trail is along side a creek (hence the name) and also connects to a couple different parks so something fun should happen once you have gotten to where you want to be.

The trail itself is most likely 6 miles round trip, my parents and I did half since we ended up parking about right in the middle of the park.

4.25 016

Go check it out for yourself!  It was a nice trail, I’d always suggest bringing water, and maybe a friend if you end up walking some of the trail.

I would definitely go back when I have free time and am not worrying about finals.

Meet Harley and Wicket

Living in the dorms and 2 hours away from home has its down sides like the fact that no animals besides fish are allowed in the dorms.  And sorry to say, fish don’t exactly have the loving touch or friendliness other pets do.

When I went home for spring break it had been almost four months since I had seen my animals and I was extremely excited to see them (as I would hope they were happy to see me)!


This is Harley, she is my little princess.  Anytime I sat down on my bed or on the couch during break she would sit on me and sleep.  She would also be next to me every morning when I woke up, she likes sleeping near my feet or on my back.  Harley is a little bit of a lazy cat, she will walk around the house whining for attention, even though she knows where everyone is.  We found out that she likes bread or bread products and will go out of her way to get her hands on some.  *We try not and leave any food out that she will get or it will most likely be missing or half eaten by morning.


This is Wicket he is probably the smarter of the two cats, but he is also more of a scaredy cat.  He’ll go running if strangers walk into the house, or even if someone sneezes to loud.  In the morning he will knock things off the night stand or eat my hair and meow in my face until I’ve gotten up to feed them.  If he wants attention he will walk in front of the computer screen or run his head into your hand or arm until you start to pet him.  Sometimes he will pop his head between the blinds when people are leaving in the morning to say good bye.


We have had these two cats about ten years now.  They came from the same litter and I can almost remember the first day we got each of them.  It is hard being away and not having animals in the dorms, but maybe that makes being home even more special.  Hopefully this next month of school will fly by so that I can be home and see them again.

The Internship

Sorry guys, but I’m not talking about the movie, The Internship*, staring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, but the internship process I’ve spent the past month going through.

At the end of February my CJ 4850 Professor forwarded me an email regarding summer internships, and the application if I was interested.  I had thought about it after talking to my advisor and she said it would be a good experience for someone like me to get some real lab experience and get my foot in the door some.  Although my initial thought was spring 2016 since the application process had already happened for this spring and I knew my fall semester was going to be time consuming.

This email was for the summer a time I hadn’t thought about, but the summer would have meant all of my time was focused on just the internship.  If I got an internship, it would also require me to find some sort of housing during the summer.  The first part was easy enough I had two weeks to fill out the application, write an essay on why I want the internship and what I expect to gain from it and turn it into the Criminal Justice department.  The application included a list of agencies to choose from including: Stanislaus County District Attorneys office, Modesto Police Department, Juvenile Hall, Stanislaus County Coroners Office and many more.

There were scheduled interviews the following two weeks after the application deadline.  Each applicant had to dress professionally, show up on time, bring a copy of their resume and be prepared to talk about the two agencies they had chosen on their application.  I got a little help to spruce up my resume because I wanted it to look as professional as possible since I had no related work experience.  The interview made me extremely nervous, I had gone through interviews before, but this one was different.  This one, if nothing went wrong could show me that all of these courses I’ve taken have gotten me to the job I want.  Although it was just an internship, it would give me the reassurance that this is the career path for me.

Having to wait for a response for a job or an internship is very stressful.  The best response is always the acceptance, but that probably won’t happen all of the time.  There is no way that every interview you go in for will result in moving forward and getting the job.  If that happens you have to believe it was the right thing.  Other opportunities will come around and maybe even better opportunities.  Look at it that you at least got through an interview, that you polished your resume, and that this experience will help you next time.




*Fun fact, when they were shooting the film they used actual Google employees to play volleyball because the extras they had were not very good.

Running through the weekend

I can’t believe that it is already Thursday!  It seems like spring break has just flown by.  Although maybe that is because my spring break started out pretty eventful.  I drove home Friday afternoon and ended up rushing around and unpacking because my car needed a service badly.

Saturday was still a little crazy, but there was some fun in there too.  My boyfriend had bought tickets to see the last of the bay series between the Giants and the A’s held at the Oakland Coliseum.  We grabbed a quick breakfast and headed out knowing that it was going to take us at least an hour on BART to get there.   The game didn’t start until one, but we got there early and were able to catch some of the batting practice before hand.
4.7 014

It was a pretty good game, and as a Giants fan a little stressful in the end when they were changing pitchers almost every inning.  Lucky for me, the Giants still ended up winning 2-1, and winning the series.

4.7 026

Sunday was also busy yet fun, running around and having brunch at my grandmas, and then coming back to my parents for dinner.  Although while we were waiting for dinner to be made, some of us played card games and munched on appetizers.  By the end of the night everyone was tired and exhausted after a long and early day.


My semi-Irish meal

So just a few days before St. Patrick’s Day (yes I know it’s been a couple weeks now) I got an email from pinterest giving me suggestions for different Irish breakfasts.  This had me interested since it gave me a few more ideas on how to mix eggs and potatoes together.

The first one to catch my eye looked simple enough, from the picture it just looked like potatoes with a fried egg on top.  I can do that, no problem.

Well, the meal was a little more complicated then that, it was corned beef hash and eggs.  Okay, so there were a few problems.  One, I had no corned beef, and little desire to go buy some, which was fine I could work around that.  Then I kept reading the recipe which says to cook the potatoes in a pan, make wells for the eggs, crack eggs, and bake.  There was my problem, the one fry pan that I use almost on a daily basis is not oven proof, and while my roommate had a nice skillet that I’m sure can go in the oven there was lots of cleaning that needed to be done after if I wanted to use it.  So there went that idea.
3.24 013


I made some modifications to the recipe, and tried to make it my own.  I cooked the diced potatoes, added some spinach (because why not) and then added an egg to the center.  The tricky part was having to flip the egg in the center with a bunch of potatoes surrounding it without breaking the egg.  Yeah I said it was tricky, and I’m still trying to figure it out two weeks later, but at least it is something.

You can check out the original recipe here.

Cave Hiking

This past weekend a few RAs in housing decided to host an event to go cave hiking at Pinnacles national Park.  We had to be at housing at 7:15 am, on a Saturday and leave around 8 o’clock.  Yes it was crazy, and yes I was tired, but everyone was and since we had at least a 2 hour drive there it gave us time to sleep on the bus, or wake up some.  Of course some people were a little more ready to sleep on the bus with blankets, pillows, or the taking up of two seats by lying down.  Obviously early mornings and weekends should never be put together, but it happens.

3.24 034

We got to Pinnacles around 11:30 or so and had time to discuss and figure out what everyone was doing.  Obviously the RA’s who picked it out had maps and an idea of what they wanted to do where as we were kind of there along for the ride.

The day was ahead of us, and we had until 5:30 to be back at the bus.  The slight drawback to this was there was no cell service, so if we were lost or got injured along the way there was no way of making contact to someone for help, the only hope would be to find a park ranger or guide to radio over or something.

3.24 032

My roommate and I ended up separating from one of the larger groups taking a strenuous route, and decided to do something a little more moderate that was a little longer, but not as much climbing.  Although obviously by the end of it we were all sorts of sore, and not moving as fast as when we got there.  Our hike had beautiful scenery, and a small little cave that we could actually climb through, but you had to look hard to see the small arrows pointing you in the direction up.

3.24 025

Small little water fall inside Balconies Cave

It was a long day, and yes we were sore, but it still ended up being a lot of fun.