The day I lost my keys

For me everything has its place both my car keys and my dorm keys hang on my bulletin board when they aren’t in use so that when I need them I know they are there.  So on Monday night when I was getting ready to leave I was in a bit of a panic when my car keys were missing.

I knew I had used them Saturday to go to the grocery store, but since I do live on campus I don’t have to use my car on a daily basis.  Where oh where were my keys?  I had cleaned my room over the weekend, so while everything looked nice and neat my keys could have pretty much ended up anywhere.

My first thought was to look in the grocery bags I had brought up from my car.  Nope.  Then my purse, I mean I don’t use my purse a lot when I got out, but maybe in all the cleaning I managed to put the keys in there unintentionally.    Nope. They weren’t on the kitchen table where I placed my groceries when I came in; they weren’t hidden in a drawer.  There was a small chance they might have been bumped into the trash, but that was going to be my last resort.

Maybe, just maybe they were locked in my car?  It’s dark/late and so I need a flashlight to look in my car and see.  The keys are nowhere in sight, but my car is still in the parking lot, and locked so no one took my car or had access to anything inside.  Maybe, just maybe they are in my trunk.  That was a possibility, I went in my trunk Saturday before going to the dorms I could have unknowingly placed them down and closed the trunk with them still inside.

Of all the services available, if this ever happens to you call the University Police (UPD).  I had their number programmed in my phone and even so it is a quick easy look up online or just press the button on one of those blue posts around campus.  They sent someone over in a few minutes to help me into my car, maybe they are inside fell under the seat or like I said accidentally locked in the trunk.  In a couple minutes my car was unlocked and I was searching everywhere, pop the trunk and still no keys.

The nice man who unlocked my car called in to see if anyone had turned in keys matching my description in the last couple days.  Nope.  Now I was panicking a little, what to do, what to do.  No keys, no one has turned them in, and it is late Monday night. What could I do? Retrace my steps and see if they slipped under someone’s car or fell in the dirt maybe. Not that I could see.

So no one had turned in my keys to the UPD, but maybe just maybe they turned them into housing.  I mean it is a housing parking lot, and if UPD isn’t open or as fully staffed on weekends the smart thing would be to turn the keys into housing.  It was my last resort before tearing up my entire dorm room and digging through the trash in hopes of finding them.  I am really glad that the thought came to me, because otherwise I might have wasted my entire night searching for keys that weren’t there.  Some nice person had turned them into the housing office.  Oh thank goodness.

That’s my story of how I found my lost keys.  So, if you ever misplace your keys or lock them inside check UPD, housing office or University Student Union if you are on campus.  Also make sure there is something distinct about your keys, a special key chain or design so that you could give a decent description of what they look like.

Hello Google!

I sign up for different surveys from different companies who may want my opinion on things and will pay me for them.  One place is a taste test, I’ve also gotten a couple calls about video games and testing new products, and then there is Google.

I got myself up at 4:45 a couple weeks ago and drove to Google because they wanted my opinion on something.  I can’t say what because I signed a nondisclosure agreement that said I would not discuss anything that I saw or talked about during that time.

I do wish I could have spent more time there, but because I had class later in the day and a 1.5-2 hour drive could be longer in mid-day traffic.  I got a couple pictures outside the building, and some good proof that I went to Google, while I’m sure looking like I didn’t belong because I was taking pictures, but hey what do you expect.


These Google bikes are everywhere on their campus, because a lot of their employees use a Google bus to and from work if they have a meeting in one building, and have to get all the way across campus from their office they can just hop on a bike and head over.  They are pretty convenient, anyone can use them, and are a lot better than driving around in that mess.


Google employees seem like they have it made, nice little area outside to rest or relax take in the sun.  They also have free food for meals, a nice tennis court, napping pods (which kind of sound amazing), free laundry, and I’m sure a few other perks that I don’t know about.  I wish I could have spent a little more time there to explore, and find their android lawn statues but I think Siri was protesting and I wasn’t going to waste time driving around looking for them because to be honest I would be driving in circles since their campus is so huge.

But hey housing residents!?!  If I’m not mistaken one of the off campus events in the next couple weeks is to Google, it is worth it to check it out, and maybe get some Google merchandise.  Yes you could always drive there by yourself and check it out, but I’m sure with housing it comes with a nice tour and you would actually be able to go inside the buildings, because most buildings at Google require an ID badge to get in.  I’ll probably be going back so that I can explore and learn more about Google.

Grad Fair 2016

If you are planning on participating in the graduation commencement May 26 or 27 today is your last day to get all you need for graduation.  The grad fair has been all this week from 10-4pm in the bookstore.

There are people there to ask any questions you may have, it is where you can buy announcements, class rings and pick up the Grad Packs Luis was talking about a few weeks ago.

Grad Pack - Bachelor's Degree

The graduation ceremony is a little over a month away, so you want to make sure you at least have your cap and gown.  Hurry over before time runs out.

Baseball Season is finally here!

It has been two long months since the Super Bowl, and finally baseball season is upon us!  I’m sorry, but I don’t follow basketball that much, or care enough to watch it so I have been a little sad with no sports really to watch and no team to be cheering for or against.

Opening Day for baseball was this past Sunday April 3rd.  The Mets played the Royals, the Blue Jays played the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Pirates played the Cardinals, but for me the important games came the next day with the San Francisco Giants playing the Brewers winning 12-3 and the Yankee and Astros game which was postponed due to rain.

I am ready for some peanuts and cracker jacks, and while I probably won’t be watching all 180 games, it is an even year, so the Giants could be in for another win and I’ll be rooting for them and hoping to go to a game or two this year.



Let’s go GIANTS!!!

Outside Lands 2016

Happy spring break everyone, hope all is going well and you are enjoying this week of no exams and sleeping in.  While this break is days from being over, I have technically made my first big plans for summer, although they don’t happen until August.  I just purchased a ticket to Outside Lands at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

header What is outside lands?  It is a 3 day event at the park that includes music, food, comedy, art, activities and all sorts of things. I’ve never gone before so it will be a new and fun experience.  Early tickets were on sale this morning starting at 10, and by noon the general admission tickets were sold out.  Yikes!  They were presale tickets and I’m sure more are to come, but at a little higher price, although these tickets were already a little pricey in my mind, but for 3 days and all of the things they have to offer I’m sure it is worth it in the end.

I am pretty excited that this is happening and I get to go.  It is something to look forward to during the next couple months of school.



Food in my Fridge

I stumbled upon this website a while back called MyFridgeFood where you can find new recipes or even some old ones based on the food you have lying around your kitchen.

It sounded pretty interesting so I gave it a try, because to be honest I was getting a little tired of basically eating the same thing every week and wanted to change it up some.  Based on the small variety of seasonings and food I had in my dorm room they gave me a long list of recipes to try.  They may have required that I buy one or two things at the store, but besides that it was nice to be making something a little different.

I’ve only tried a few so far, but I have about 20 bookmarked to come back to and try later.

What I have tried is the apple cheddar muffin which requires an english muffin, thinly sliced apple, and cheddar cheese.  Basically you placed the sliced apples on top of the two muffin halves place the cheese on top and broil until cheese is melted.  Not bad for my first try, and not something I would have even thought to make.


I also tried a bread recipe, since I haven’t been doing much baking this semester, the one thing I needed to go to the store for was flour, can’t do much baking without that.  The bread came out a little strange looking, and was a little to salty for my taste, but at least I tried it.  IMG_4400

Then for the potato lover in me, there were all sorts of possibilities, my first choice was baked stuffed potatoes, the scored potatoes looked pretty good, but without paprika and the minced parsley I’m sure it wouldn’t have been the same.IMG_4402

USU Birthday Bash

Were you on campus yesterday?  Well, if you weren’t you missed out.  The University Student Union (USU) was celebrating the 38th annual Birthday Bash!  In ways of celebrating they had music, games, food and other activities going on in the quad from 11-1pm.


They were doing a barbeque with hot dogs, chips and drinks and giving out goodie bags with all sorts of different things inside.  There was also a popcorn machine and different powdered flavorings you could put on and shaved ice.  IMG_4438

My friend and I had a lot of fun making Frisbee art, or designing a Frisbee, however you might say it.  They put a white Frisbee on a spinner and had different paints to design it. It was actually a lot of fun because while the Frisbee was spinning it looked completely different from when it stopped, so there was a chance that all of the paint might have gone to one side of the frisbee and you wouldn’t know it until you stopped.




If you missed out on it this year because of classes or something, remember to check it out next year it is a lot of fun, and hey if you can get some free food or free goodies out of it, it has to be worth it right?

Interview Anxiety

Do you get nervous when going in for an interview?  Guess what, you aren’t the only one!  I will admit now that I get a little to nervous when it comes to interviews, at least I have the past few times I’ve interviewed for an internship, and it has brought me down because of it.

While I am in the process of trying to reduce my anxiety and settle my nerves before the next interview I thought I would share some tips that I’ve found.


  • The first step is admitting you need help, at least in my case it was.  After my second interview there was obviously something wrong with how I was handling my nervousness, and I thought I could handle it on my own.  I was wrong!  My mom was trying to help, my aunt was trying to help, and professors were trying to help and encourage me, the third interview showed me that I should have listened a little more.
  • Remember to Breathe.  Take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out.  Even taking a couple deep breaths may help calm you down, and make you feel more relaxed.
  • Do a Mock interview.  Have a friend or an adult who has done a few interviews before sit down and practice answering questions.  Being able to know what you are going to say during an interview will help so that on the day of you aren’t trying to dig through your brain for an answer.  It will also make you feel more prepared for the interview.
  • Keep a positive mind.  You can do it!  Thank you Dr. Wood.  He told me to think of accomplishments, of the good things you have done always keep that in mind.  You are selling yourself in an interview so mention all of your strengths no one knows them better than you.
  • Sing a song or listen to music.  For me listening to music with a somewhat slow tempo combined with the breathing helps my nerves.  Before my last interview I actually ended up singing to myself a couple up beat songs while I was waiting to be called in.  It had me dancing in my seat, and maybe I looked a little strange, but it had me forgetting that I was about to be interviewed.
  • Go to a class, workshop or check out some of the services MSR has to offer.  All of these things are here to support you, help you and most of them are FREE.  I went to an interview workshop today that gave some good tips and a pamphlet to help you get ready for an interview.  It got all of us to think of what to do and what not to do during an interview and we got to listen to other people’s experiences.


Not everybody handles stress the same way, not everything works for everyone which is why you just have to keep trying things until something works.  Do you have any tips that you might want to share?

The Career Fair

Are you a graduating senior not sure what you are going to do once you’ve gotten a diploma? How about you’re just looking for some ideas of a job so you aren’t working fast food while you do the actual job hunt?

Well I have some good news, Stanislaus State is hosting a career fair next wednesday March 9th from 10-2pm in the event center.

A lot of companies are participating such as the Hilmar Cheese company, City of Modesto, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Target, Vivint, and so many more.  If any of these interest you, come check it out dress professionally and bring your resume, or maybe a couple if you end up handing them out.

Career Fair 2


Check out more information about other participants, and what to expect here.

I have the athletic gene!!

This semester on of the courses I am taking is DNA Technology in Forensic Science, which sounds pretty cool right?

Well, even if it doesn’t sound cool to you, these past couple weeks have brought out the total nerd in me, and I love it!  Our  second third and fourth lab exercise had us extracting and analyzing our own DNA from cheek cells.

The first week we swished a salt water solution in our mouth to pick up some cheek cells and then ran the solution in a centrifuge to separate the cells from the mixture, then mixed with a chelex solution to get rid of metal ions, so that Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) could work.  The DNA was put into a hot bath for 10 minutes, and then on ice while PCR tubes were being prepared and put in a thermocycler or the PCR machine.

The second week, we tested to see if we successfully amplified the ACTN-3 gene also known as the athletic gene.  We created our own agarose gel to run a gel electrophoresis.  We loaded the gel with our uncut DNA, and a ladder that was more of a guide so we knew where the DNA should be showing up, which is around the 300bp area.  Looking at the picture you can see the three groups, including mine, were successful at isolating our DNA.


The last week we used a restriction enzyme to cut our DNA and find out what genotype we are. To do this we ran another electrophoresis, half the class did an acrylamide gel and the other did the agarose gel.  The possible genotypes for the athletic gene were RR at 206 and 85 bp, XX at 109, 97 and 85 bp, and RX with 206, 109, 97, and 85 bp.  When it was all done, everyone’s genotypes were up on the overhead and most people in the class were classified as RX, there was one person with XX meaning more endurance, where at least 4 of us had the RR genotype meaning you are a strong athlete with good sprint and power.

Sorry no picture for that one, but I will say I was genotyped a strong athlete, and DNA doesn’t lie.  If the rest are the labs are anything like this, I know I am going to enjoy this class a lot!