Eyes on the sky

Hey guys!  Did any of you get to see the super blood moon on Sunday?

If you didn’t know, a super blood moon is quite a rare occasion.  It is a super moon, because it is when the moon is at its closest to the earth.  What makes it a blood moon was the lunar eclipse that happened along with it that makes it have a rust red-orange color, when the moon is in the earth’s shadow.

The news report said that the hours to watch were 7-8:30pm, and that the best time to see it was around 7:25.  Sadly here at the dorms I could not see it for anything, there were too many clouds.  And I can’t say that I didn’t try, because I kept looking, walked out around 7 to look, peeked out again at 7:15 and then headed out somewhat determined to find it at 7:30 with Tamara.  We walked, okay so we wandered around the dorm area looking for the moon, but we were looking hard, and it seemed like everyone else was kind of having the same problems.  I had friends who were on the other side of the school looking for it, and even heard a few people suggest walking to the science building going to the top floor hoping that it would help.

I’m not sure how much it did.  After searching for 20 minutes or so and trying to find it I had given up, and sadly couldn’t waste any more time looking for it. My friend told me the moon popped its head out at about 8:10 or so, but had disappeared within 10-15 minutes, which was a little sad.  The next blood super moon should happen in 2033, so even though its a few years away I’m hoping to see it next time and that there won’t be any clouds in the way.


And while I didn’t get to see the blood moon, I am happy to share a picture of the beautiful sunset I got Sunday night.

photo 3



My First Soccer Game

Okay guys, this is only a little shameful that I am currently in my last year at Stanislaus State, and have just now gone to my first soccer game.  The games that are on campus are FREE for students, so really there was no excuse.  Well I finally went the men’s soccer game last Friday afternoon while they were playing the San Francisco State Gators.

I am happy to say that our warriors won that game 2-0.

The women’s games usually start 10-15 minutes after the men’s.  It’s a two for one!

photo 3

photo 1

Go check out, and support our warriors guys, like I said the games are free!

For the love of Pancakes

So if you didn’t know, I love pancakes.  I love them.  I’ve loved them since I was little, and could eat them almost everyday.  I love making them, I love eating them, I love messing with the recipe and adding things, and finding new recipes to try.

And that’s exactly what I did!

I found a new quick 3 ingredient recipe for pancakes.

All it requires is 2 eggs, 1 banana, and some cinnamon. I added some vanilla since I didn’t have cinnamon.  I made the pancakes last week and they were delicious!



My only caution is that they come out a little thinner than regular pancakes, so keep an eye on them if you decide to make them.

Welcome Senior Year

I’m not sure if I’m more frightened, excited or nervous about the year to come.

  • Frightened, because there is still so much to do, and a lot of classes I need to pass to make this happen.
  • Excited, because these past four years (and then some) will have shown off all my hard work.  And graduation, I mean come on!
  • Nervous, because I’ve gotten myself this far, once I graduate the next step is finding a job, or an internship (hopefully paid) and using my skills in the real world.

6.10 001

I don’t want to fail, and that is probably the hardest thing, and the most stressful.

My application for graduation is in, and that was the first step.  Everything else is going to take some time, so here goes nothing!

Its been three months, what happened?

Most of us haven’t been heard from or seen since finals were over, or graduation, so it’s been three months.  What happened to us in those three months, anything exciting happen, and did we forget everything we were taught in spring semester?

Well, when I left you guys last I wasn’t sure what I would be doing besides working.  I was able to fill in some fun in between on my days off and have some excitement.  The first one was a trip to Texas to see visit my sister, and eat way too much, and there were some adorable kittens living under her house that I wanted to take home, but couldn’t.  Sad face.


My friends and I made a day trip, meeting up in San Francisco to go to the zoo.  They were tired of the heat, and I was ready for some fun.  We may have rushed through the zoo a little, they said it takes about 2.5 hours to get through everything, and I guess enjoy it, and we made it there, about two hours before it closed.

Then beginning of August before all this school chaos started, my family and I did a couple day trips down the coast hiking, eating, going to the beach and picking berries at Swanton Berry Farm in Davenport.  We picked strawberries and black berries, but during different seasons you can pick other fruits such as kiwi, loganberries, or olallieberries. Those berries were delicious, we are definitely going back again.


Another stop was to Año Nuevo, to see the elephant seals.  Oh trust me, they are real.  When we went to see them, it was the just male seals on the beach molting and fighting.   The first elephant seals were seen at Año Nuevo in 1955, by 1995 around 2,000 pups were born on mainland, and I’m sure even now they are still growing.

8.12 080

Elephant seals at Ano Nuevo

So I guess you could say I had a pretty fun summer.

How did your summer go?

I’m eating the cake

So for the past couple weeks my physical chemistry professor has been talking about seeing the cake, or smelling the cake kind of like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Well it’s official, and I am out of the tunnel, or in his case eating the cake.

My last final was yesterday morning, and I have to say I’m glad it is over.  Finals are always the most stressful part of the semester, and then when you mix it with having to move out it just seems like there isn’t enough time for everything.  Luckily I’ve got that time, I was able to focus on finals and not worry too much about moving out until they were all done.  I was even able to take a break, take a breath and have a little fun in between.

Summer vacation is a two hour drive home away (and all the packing in between).  Right now summer is an open book.  I could watch some Netflix, go catch a couple movies in theatres, read some books, or even do some traveling.  Right now there are no big summer plans or events going on in my family, we are taking a short trip to visit my sister in Texas but it will be for less then a week.

Here’s to hoping something a little more exciting happens over the next few months, and I’ll be back in August to tell you my story.  Have a great summer everyone!

What kind of learner are you?

I remember taking some kind of learning test in my freshman English class so that we each knew our learning style.  Sadly I don’t remember what my learning style was, so I took a test online recently to find out.

Actually I took two tests, trying to confirm the results.  What ended up happening was that I got two different results.  One test telling me I am a visual learner, and one telling me I am an auditory learner.

The first assessment I took was from education planner, which told me I was 50% audio, 30% visual and 20% tactile.  As an audio learner, learn best by hearing and listening and find it easy to understand spoken instructions instead of written.

The second assessment I did was from whats my learning style, it didn’t give me the percentages of what my different learning styles were, just that I was a visual learner.  According to them anything on the board, diagrams or graphs are valuable.  Visual learners remember what they read/write and understand information when they see it.

I’m not sure what website to believe, and I wasn’t in the mood to take a third test.  I would hope that the one thing I can believe is that I’m not a tactile learner.  From experience I’m sure there is a good mix between audio and visual learning for me, but which is better I’m still not sure.

Do you know what kind of learning style you have?  Take a quiz and let me know in the comments!

Poster Celebration

I invite you all to come and check out the chemistry celebration happening on the 3rd floor of Naraghi all this week.  This celebration happens at the end of every semester where chemistry students present the different experiments they did in the past four months and put it together in a poster celebration.Poster Celebration


If you have even a few minutes you should come check it out.  You can cheer on your friends or even random strangers, and give them support.  I didn’t have a chemistry lab this semester, but I’m sure you will see me there at the end of next semester.

Crime Scene Project

For my Criminalistics class we had to do a crime scene project, where we created the scenario and scene, set it all up and then we had to document everything, pretend like we were going to collect it all and write a report on it.  Basically everything we had learned this semester and last semester was put into the project, and we presented our projects to the class on Tuesday.

5.2 001


This project allowed us to be as creative as we wanted and use whatever resources we saw fit.  My professor told us that in past years students had used dolls or stuffed animals as people.  My group ended up using catsup as blood, and one of my group member’s friend was kind enough to volunteer to be our victim.

5.2 002

The requirements for what we needed to turn in were: unedited notes (so as sloppy and out of order as we like), a list of evidence such as a weapon, sketches and photos of our scene, request for lab services such as DNA testing on a strand of hair that might be the suspects, and a narrative report, where we have to be as detailed as possible.  I think we did a good job on the project, so we will see what happens.

5.2 003

It was also nice that a few faculty in the chemistry department let us use one of the rooms to create our scene, and trust us to clean up afterwards.

Dry Creek Trail

My parents came to visit and spend some time with me this past weekend.  It’s nice to see them because I don’t go home as often as I used to and spend most weekends at the dorms.

We decided that after eating breakfast/brunch that we were going to go for a walk of some sort.  Of course I had to do a little online research since the most I walk is around campus and maybe a few places close by.  The one with the best reviews that wasn’t a 45+ drive away was Dry Creek Trail in Modesto.

There is some beautiful scenery there, lots of flowers and squirrels running around.  There is also disk golf, if you are interested in playing that.  The trail is along side a creek (hence the name) and also connects to a couple different parks so something fun should happen once you have gotten to where you want to be.

The trail itself is most likely 6 miles round trip, my parents and I did half since we ended up parking about right in the middle of the park.

4.25 016

Go check it out for yourself!  It was a nice trail, I’d always suggest bringing water, and maybe a friend if you end up walking some of the trail.

I would definitely go back when I have free time and am not worrying about finals.