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Whether you live in the dorms or off campus with some friends there’s a high chance that you will get home sick (at least eventually).  And I’m sure not everyone has the opportunity to drive home on a whims notice to see family.  I’m sort of trying this new thing out myself where I don’t go home and see family every other weekend, but instead once a month, which is a little harder, but it does save a lot on gas (did I mention I drive about 100 miles each way).  That being said I tend to miss my family, and being home a whole lot more then usual.

I’ve got a few suggestions, one mainly being go out and have fun with your friends or roommates, or get to know roommates a little more.  What do I mean by that?

  • Have/make dinner together
  • Go workout together, whether you are spotting each other or doing a class together
  • Go study together
  • Support each other (if on a sports team or in some type of art/music program)
  • Play games or go bowling
  • Go to a concert
  • Have a movie night
  • Go shopping together (maybe that’s just a girl thing)

What I’m trying to say is go have some fun, enjoy yourself and don’t be alone.  I’ve found that it’s better to go out and have some fun then to sit around lonely because it tends to make you miss home even more.  Being able to feel welcome in your own dorm/apartment makes it feel more like the home you left and makes the transition a little easier.  Having that comfort also makes you more open to those you live with, more willing to share your problems or feelings, and you don’t feel as secluded.    And if that still doesn’t work I would suggest getting a Skype account or some other type of video chat so that you can see faces and feel like you are back at home.

Do you have any suggestions to avoid being home sick?




……..And in case you were wondering, the Color Run was pretty awesome.  Here’s a before picture where with my roommate and RA where we are all nice and clean.  

photo 1

The after picture where I was covered in color in places I didn’t even realize.  It was totally worth it, and fun being out there.

photo 2

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There is a lot happening this up coming weekend including StanFest, the StanFest Carnival, and our first annual COLOR RUN!  I’ve always wanted to participate in one of these runs, and they look so fun, I just usually end up working or missing out completely because I hear about it after it happens.  This time it will be at our school this Saturday, the race starts at 9:30, and you can register now in the Warrior Activities Center, it is only $20 for Stanislaus State students and $30 for non students.  Also if you register early enough there is a chance you could get a free T-shirt.  I’m pretty excited about the shirt to be honest.



I’ll admit, I probably won’t run most of it, I’m not the best runner, and while running 5K might be easy for some people, on a Saturday morning I’m usually pretty lazy.  It should be a lot of fun, so if you’re up Saturday morning and want something to do, either sign up and participate or come and cheer on your friends.  I’ll see you there!

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For many returning students you most likely noticed the changes in main dining, the warrior grill, and Pop’s store, and let’s be honest here they aren’t all good changes.

Last year I loved the burrito bar in main dining, I would go about once a week and get a delicious tasting burrito every single time.  Since the semester has started I’ve only gone there twice, besides the fact that the burrito bar is somewhat pushed into the corner (not that us having a Vietnamese food place is a bad thing) but the burrito bar used to take up more space, and had a wider selection of food to put inside such as lettuce or jalapenos.   The other thing is the last few times I’ve gone to the burrito bar, my burrito hasn’t tasted the same, the meat has been flavorless, more like they just cooked in with no seasonings, and my tortilla has been dry, which makes the entire burrito taste well, bad.

The other changes I have noticed are the menus are a little smaller, as in they are missing items they had last year.  Both the menu in main dining and some of those in the warrior grill as well.  For example the burrito bar had nachos, tacos, and carne asada fries, there is a chance that they still have these items, but unless you ask for them specifically your choices are limited to burrito bowls, burritos, and salads.  The salad bar in main dining has become less, you pay more for the food, but get a smaller salad then you did last year, how is that fair?  The grill menu has also changed; they now offer coffee only during the hours of 9 and 11am, I’m pretty sure there are people that want coffee after 11.  Their menu has also been cut short, changed and some items replaced.  They no longer list the California grilled cheese on their menu (its avocado, basil/spinach, cheese and tomatoes), the different salads, nachos, quesadillas, and fried pickles (which were a new item last year).  The new menu mainly consists of burgers, a few different sandwiches, chicken tenders and fries.  Yes, there is a chance you can ask for all of these things if you know about them, but any new student wouldn’t know about these items and just be plain out of luck.

Their change in menu whether it cuts down on cost or not, if the quality of food isn’t as good, and if there isn’t as much of a variety then why tease us with these items and then take them away?  It is somewhat discouraging their changes making me less likely to go buy the food there.  I mean there isn’t even a soda machine in Pop’s anymore, and their selection of food items and such is very small now!! (Sorry I didn’t really go into Pop’s a lot, but I know they’ve downsized a lot).

I say lets make a stand!  I’ve talked to friends who have eaten there, and they aren’t happy with the changes to the food and the quality of the food.  To make a difference you have to be that difference!  There are comment cards in each of the dining areas to leave notice about your food experience, if you aren’t happy fill one out!  If enough of us complain they are bound to have to change things for the better, after all we as students are their main customers and if we aren’t happy with the food, then they should know about it.

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Actually it’s not more of a chance, it is just true. My roommates have looked at me more than once in the past couple years wondering what I am eating/making.  I can’t help it sometimes.  Being in the dorms means no home cooked meals every night (well there is the Cafe), but I don’t eat there every night, so that means I have to make due with food I have.  And sometimes I experiment with food, or make things people think are strange.

There was one night my roommate saw me making macaroni and cheese (every college students favorite meal), and then watched me put Tabasco sauce inside.  Yes I said Tabasco sauce.  She gave me a strange look, like I was crazy, I’m sure most people only use Tabasco for eggs, but it was what I had at the time and I wanted to experiment some.  I like to think of it as making the Mac and cheese a little more flavorful, and spicy, which in the end is why I decided to call it Spicy Mac and Cheese.  Of course my roommate did end up testing out the theory (or whatever you may call it) the next time she made Mac and Cheese, although I think she tried it with Tapatio sauce instead, she liked it just the same.

Next up is what I call a homemade hash browns, I’m sure that I’m not the only one that calls them that, but when my roommate asked me why I was shredding a potato I told her I was making a hash brown, she may have still been confused, but seemed happy with my response. This is something kind of simple in the fact that all I did was fry a shredded potato.  Of course I added some salt and pepper to add some flavoring, and sometimes I drop an egg on top, which I like to think helps keep it together.  It all tastes the good to me, and since it is nice and easy to make, I don’t mind making it for dinner, breakfast, or even lunch (if I have time).  For me in particular I also tend to dip it in salsa brava to give it slightly more flavor, I’m sure Ketchup would work just as well to add flavor but not spice.  I enjoy it, but that may also be because I love potatoes and like looking for new ways to cook them.


At home I’m considered the fruit monster, because usually when I come looking for something to snack on its fruit, and if its something simple like cuties or bananas I’ll just eat a million of them (mainly the cuties).  I’m just the same way at school, one of my big buys is always fruit mainly apples and bananas. Bananas are good by themselves, nice and easy to grab and go in between classes, but if there’s time I do enjoy putting peanut butter or even nutella on them, trust me its delicious!

Technically you could put peanut butter on apples too, I’m sure it’s been done.  My latest crave with apples tends to be apples and cheese.  I’m sure someone introduced me to the idea of it a while ago, but it has recently come back as one of my favorite snacks.  Cut up the apple, get some slices of cheese (I’d suggest using cheddar) put them together and you’ve got a decently healthy snack.


I’m hoping these don’t sound completely strange, and I don’t scare anyone away.  I’d like to know if anyone else tends to experiment with food or make things that others might give you strange looks for eating?

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This is now my third year at Stanislaus State, and my third year living in the dorms, and now I think I’ve finally got the whole moving in thing down.

Lets start off with I’m not running left and right to try and get items to make the room feel more like home.  My first year here I had nothing, well I had bedding, and my bulletin board, and maybe a desk decoration, but the room at first looked a little boring, at least compared to my other roommates it did.  I went and got a rug, a nightstand, a couple throw pillows, and a picture frame; it gave the room a little more color and made it pop.  Of course during the course of my first year here I found things at my house and slowly brought them and hung them or used them to decorate.  Give me a break guys, it was my first year living in the dorms, and my first year not living with my parents I wasn’t sure how to decorate or how boring the room looked with what I had.

Year after year (or the two, now three years) I’ve learned what I want, and what I don’t want in my room, how to arrange things and where to put them.  This year hopefully I won’t be running to the store for something else to hang up or decorate with, everything has its place, my dorm isn’t to full of stuff, but there is some color to make it pop.

I actually ended up getting up getting new bedding over the summer because my other comforter was falling apart, although that was partially my fault because I tend to do homework on my bed instead of at a desk.  The wall decal above the bed isn’t to bold, so I might end up putting some pictures underneath, I’m not sure yet.



While I might not be completely happy with the arrangement between the closet and bedroom door, that’s what I get for not remembering everything.  The picture frame might come down and I’ll move the pictures somewhere else.  And hey as a chemistry student, it’s always nice to have a periodic table to look up at.


My work space/TV space/get ready in the morning space.  My mom bought me that little wall decal last year, but I never found a place to put it, so I’m glad I figured something out this year.  I really like it.


Like I said, I might actually have this whole living in the dorms things down.

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Welcome back to all those returning students, and welcome to the new and incoming students.

If you haven’t checked out the campus I suggest that you do.  There are plenty of things to see or find on campus, and if you love nature then you’ll be in love with our campus, there are at least 6 water features on campus that have a different looks to them, and if you look close enough they have different animals living/swimming in them.

I’m sure everyone might be a little tired from the first day of classes; I know I am after having to wake up early for my first class of the semester, and it won’t be my last.  For everyone the first day is tough, finding classes, finding parking, and the millions of people everywhere everything is confusing.  Even I was a little lost finding the right classroom and worried if I was in the right room, I probably checked my class schedule a good dozen times today, and I only had two classes.  It is always a little nerve wrecking, but trust me it gets better, it gets easier.

Once the semester has gone on a month or so, things settle down, classrooms quiet down, the people that seemed to be everywhere tend to minimize some, but sorry to say that those long lines in main dining don’t die down, at least not at 11 am when the lunch rush comes in, it does however die down in the afternoon around 1pm.  The chaos of the first day is always the hardest, but hey its over and behind you, and if you didn’t end up breaking down and crying count it as a good day great day.

Some helpful hints now that school has begun:

  • Get involved, be part of something: sports, an organization, Greek life, a club.  There really is something out there for everyone you just need to find it!
  • It’s okay to ask for help.  I just told you that I was walking around today questioning where I was, its okay to turn to someone and make sure you are in the right room or headed in the right direction, most people are willing to help out.
  • Be active.  Even if you don’t want to join something, the Wednesday quad events are always fun, they have music, and usually you could walk away with some free food, or  a prize of some sort, its worth checking out.
  • Make some friends, without them you will be lost.  Without a friend, your year won’t be fun, you will be miserable, and you will wish you had someone to talk to. Make friends, so that at least if you end up missing class you’ll have someone to share notes with.
  • Lastly have fun, but remember to study.  It is school, I’m sure you want to learn, but don’t keep your face in a book all day.  Enjoy yourself, but know your limits, you want good grades because once you’re done with college its the real world and they look at what you did in college.

Put a smile one everyone, the first day is over, and the first week is almost over.  You will be okay trust me.

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I spent the majority of my day today packing up my car, cleaning my dorm room, and driving home.  It was definitely a long and exhausting day, but I can finally say that I am home.  I may not have everything organized, and my clothes aren’t back on hangers or in my dresser but at least I have my comfortable bed to sleep in, and I get to see my parents and my cats.

It is going to feel nice being able to do nothing the next couple days, to sleep in and not have anything to do or to worry about.  Of course that will only last about a week, and then I will be off working and trying to make a little money to have some fun over the summer.  It will definitely be nice to catch up with friends I haven’t seen since break and actually have a good time.  The other nice thing is that I will have a little more free time (kind of) and do some reading for fun, or work on scrapbook pages, my options are limitless now that school is officially out.  Maybe I’ll actually do some traveling to or exploring, be a tourist and go visit some place I’ve never been and try new food.

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be blogging during the summer, but come back in August to hear about my summer adventures or the new classes I will be taking.   To all of my readers have a good summer, and I hope you have some fun!

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Well it happens to be that time of year again, end of spring semester, which means time to move out.  My welcoming little dorm that I have gotten so used to living in, I am so close to saying good bye to.  I’ve already started packing, as move out day is only a week away!  I can’t believe how much time has passed.

This semester, and this year living in the dorms has been so amazing.  I have taken adventures, created master pieces, and have made a lot of friendships.  This year especially coming back to my dorms after class has been enjoyable with the decorations and the fun times my roommates and I have had, going to zumba, having little jokes and going to dinner and talking.


My roommates and I may have made a couple Target runs during the semester to help decorate our dorms for holidays and occasions, some thing cheerful and happy. Two examples are Valentines Day, and Easter/Spring, we got window stickers and decals to display.


008 (4)

This little dorm is going to look sad and empty once everything is taken down, it just won’t look the same.  I’m pretty sure coming next Friday/Saturday saying good bye to the dorms and my roommates is going to be very difficult.  Memories were made, and friendships formed, good times were had, and since a couple roommates are graduating, next year just won’t be the same.  If anyone sees me crying at the end of the week, here’s why, good byes are always the hardest, but hopefully we will still talk some.

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This year was my first year going to warrior day, as I didn’t really know what it was last year, and by the time I thought about going it was a little to late to get a free ticket.  Yes I said a free ticket (for students), as long as you went to the Warrior Activities Center the day before the event the ticket would have been free.

This year I was all for going, I had some friends to go with, and I had actually heard of the main performer, definitely a good plus to me.  Warrior Day, if you don’t know, means all classes after noon are canceled, it kind of gives you some time to prepare: get rid of your books and backpacks, change into shorts, put on some sunscreen, and meet up with your friends so that you don’t have to walk in alone.

Warrior Day was full of all sorts of activities, photo booths, cartoonists, rock climbing, zip lining, food, music, and other such activities.  There were lines for things everywhere, you wouldn’t believe, and the lines might have merged a little bit, so you might not have been sure what you were getting in line for.


I think the shortest line might have been for rock climbing, or maybe it was just a little easier to get through because people were pretty quick up and down, and there wasn’t much set up, just put on a holster, and head on up.  It was pretty fun and easy, I had never done it before, and so it was a good experience.


The longest line was for the zip line, but maybe you would expect that since I don’t think its something you could do as frequent as the other things.  I stood in the line once, and thought I wasn’t going to do it again, but my friends convinced me otherwise, twice was enough for a line that took about 30 minutes to get through.  The only thing that made the wait worth it was the view, well and the excitement of being on the zip line.


View from the top of the Zip line

They had other music playing during the first half of the day with a DJ, reggae music and others. Once Far East Movement (the main act) got on stage it was kind of like when fireworks go off at Disneyland, all of the lines get shorter and easier to get through.  Everyone for the most part came to the center to watch and enjoy, and try and see how close they could get.


It was amazing and fun, and I am happy to say that I did not get sun burnt, even after standing in lines in the heat.  Definitely an amazing day with lots of fun and excitement!


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So I did it!  I ventured out a little and was introduced to Donnelly Park, which is only a few quick minutes away from campus.

Donnelly Park is about 40 acres, and is a nice place to go hang out with friends, or have a family picnic.  I wasn’t able to see the entire park, but from what I saw it was really nice.  A good place to go for a walk, hang out or play around.  There is a lot of grass area, when I went to visit there were people playing volleyball, I think there is a playground, and there is plenty to look at.

There is a huge pond in the middle of the park, plenty of ducks, geese, and even fish in the pond.  My friend who introduced me to this place had asked me to come feed the birds; I never expected that the fish in the water would be so hungry they would end up going for the bread too.



It was definitely a nice place to hang out, feed the birds and enjoy the weather.  I have to remember to keep exploring, find new parks, or even come back since this one was so nice.

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