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Have I blogged about enough events for housing lately? I think not! The latest adventure or activity, what ever you choose to call it was Bring your own anything and Tye Dye it!

I could tell you the short story of how I own about zero items of clothing that can be tye dyed besides socks, and then went on a hunt for the best deals around for a shirt (or two) to make colorful.  But really, that’s what happened, Thursday I went to Target to see what kind of deals they had on shirts, it was my first stop, but I also wasn’t willing to spend $10 on a shirt that was going to be dyed, so Saturday morning (the day of the event) I drove to the Modesto mall looking for hopefully a better deal.  There are certain stores that I know would give me a good deal on a plain shirt.  I was on a mission to find a deal, and after searching a couple stores I found what I thought was a good one, and when I got to the register was even better!  So my best deal found was  a shirt for $5.80, I actually picked up two more, so that I had two to dye and one to actually wear white, got to the register, and I don’t know if they were marked incorrectly or if it was just my luck, but at the register they were $3.80, even a better deal!  I might have actually picked up a couple more if I knew that was going to be the case.

Sorry, back on track.  The event was bring your own anything and tye dye!  Sounds amazing and I probably hadn’t dyed a shirt since the 5th grade.  It sounded exciting, it sounded fun!


Of course I got there and had no idea what to do because it had been so long since I had done this.  It was bundle your shirt (or what ever) tie it with rubber bands and dump in the buckets of colors they had.  Now the funny story comes with the fact that the buckets full of color were labeled, but the colors inside them were 50/50 correct.  There was a chance you were dipping into the right color, and there was a chance you wanted red, but got purple or orange instead.  I think there was a little mix up or something when making colors.  Luckily I found the colors I wanted with some careful testing.



Next part comes, and some sort of science fits in!  Where you put something in water/liquid and it absorbs that liquid.  Therefore whatever ended up being dyed was soaked wet, and colorful.  I’m pretty sure my roommates might be a little mad if I had come home and left colored spots every where in the dorm.  I did actually ring out my shirts after making them oh so colorful (which then turned my hands colors) but they were still wet, so they went in plastic bags.  Actually one of them is still in a plastic bag because it is still decently wet, but the other is dry, and a little wrinkled.  Maybe I should have let it dry flat instead of in the little ball.



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One of my friends posted this on facebook, and while it had a good impact on me, I was hoping it has an impact on you the reader as well. If you were in my shoes, you would know that I am afraid to fail.  I’ve worked this far to get where I am, if I stopped for any reason I think I would break down.  I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, and that if I fail the world will come tumbling down.  I can’t let that happen, and I won’t let that happen. They are actually having an event this Tuesday April 15th, from 5-7pm in the game room if you are interested.  Definitely something to look into! What happened if someone else was in your shoes?

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Let’s talk about the dorms some.
I’ve now spent two years living there, and I’ll most likely spend another (at least) year living there.

Each dorm has a nice little chalkboard on the front of it, when we moved in, it said our names on it, and of course through out the semester my roommates and I have had a little fun, and took the opportunity to our advantage.

This year our board was, lets say kind of amazing, last year was my first year, and our board was boring.

Here’s what happened this year:

Chemistry Majors, you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them (oh wait!  I’m one of them).  I came back from visiting my family and saw this on the board.  One of my roommates is also a chemistry major and found this on pinterest.


Next comes the story of where my roommate and I were walking back to the dorms and almost swear we heard someone say this.  Now, there’s obviously a chance that we misheard what was said, or heard it out of context.  We tried to figure it out, but nothing was coming, we walked away all sorts of confused.


This was another quote found on pinterest.  It was the beginning of spring semester, and we were looking for something new and fresh to put on our board.  Since it was the beginning of the semester this seemed to fit well, definitely inspirational.


Pinterest, it now seems to be a pattern well that, and math and science.  Okay, so we are basically nerds.  My roommate and I had actually put a different one up a few days before, and when you did the silly math/break down it said “I ate some pie”, but in math terms.  We were a little irritated because within 24 hours it was erased or swiped.  How rude!  Instead we left something that was okay if they swiped, it was somewhat the point. Can you solve it?

029 (2)

Now the story of Mario… So it was Halloween, and we were passing out candy.  Someone who lives in the dorms came by our room, and looked like he was dressed up as Mario; you know red shirt, bright blue pants, and red shoes, if he had been wearing a red hat it would have been perfect.  He wasn’t dressed up as Mario; it just so happened to be what he was wearing that day.  I have to ask though, what about that outfit does not say Mario to anyone else?  Somehow that nickname stuck, it’s not a bad nickname.

005 (2)

These are just a few variations of what our chalkboard looked like.  We’ve got 6-7 weeks left of school, I’m sure there’s going to be a couple more to come!

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So my Peer Academic Leader (PAL) in housing had an event where we made college survival kits.   The flyer only said that it was survival kit making, it didn’t explain what it was helping with or how it would help us survive college.  It was extremely creative, each of my roommates and I made one, and have them for when we lose a marble, or something else.

Check it out:

photo 2 (1)

photo 5

It is definitely something you should get or make yourself, or even get creative and make up one of your own.  For some reason I haven’t used any of the items in my kit yet, but that could be because I’ve got a couple extras in my drawer, or because I don’t want to disrupt the awesome kit, because I’m sure I’ve needed to get away (bubbles) and need a burst of energy every so often (starburst).  Again, this is awesome, and you should make one!  Go now!  Go make one! You won’t regret it!

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A month ago I wrote about my excitement of going to see The Veronica Mars Movie, well that time finally came!  I had only partially been prepping myself for weeks.  I had been counting down the days, and doing a little Veronica Mars re-watch, one episode a day until the movie came out.  Strangely enough with timing was perfect (since I had started this in January).  I ended up watching the last episode of season 3 (the last season) and hour and a half before going to see the movie.

The nice thing about the movie was that you didn’t have to see the series to know what was going on.  Yes there were little references to the series, jokes that those of us who watched the series understood, but the story line itself was all new, original and would have new comers interested and easy to follow.


Supporting my Veronica Mars T-shirt

When I purchased the tickets in advanced, I thought long and hard about when I wanted to go see the movie, as a die-hard Veronica Mars fan I would have loved to see the midnight showing, but as Thursday is my early day seeing the midnight show would have been a little crazy, and I most likely would have slept through my Friday classes.  The options were then, 10:30, 12:40, 3:30, and 4:15.  The first two options were still kind of out due to the fact that I had class until 1 pm Friday, which then meant late afternoon showings.  My first and possibly only instinct was to watch the movie as soon as I possibly could, and that meant 3:30.  It gave me enough time after class to grab something to eat (if I wanted), relax a little, then get on the road and drive to Manteca.  Surprisingly enough the ride wasn’t that bad, and while I was panicking thinking it was going to take 45 minutes, and that my friend and I were going to miss the first few minutes of the movie, we were early to the theater and decently on time.

It was my first time even driving to the theater, I knew the route quite well, as I have to drive it when ever I go home, but it was the part after we got off the freeway that had me lost.  After the freeway is where I needed to use my brain a little more, pay attention to street signs and remember to turn at the correct corner.  It wasn’t too bad, I knew in what general direction the theater was, just not the street.  Like I said, we made it there in no time


The movie was about 2 hours long, and was everything that I could imagine.  The movie took place about 9 years after the show ended, and picked up somewhat where it would have left off.  Veronica about to become a big shot lawyer in New York City, and then she gets pulled back to Neptune.  That’s about as much of it I’m going to say, because I’d love for you to watch the movie too.  Take a peek, here, for the first 8 minutes of the movie, it might make you want to watch the rest of it. Of course the problem was I kind of wanted to watch it again.  I know there were people that did watch it multiple times, not all of them in California, but it was that good, that why wouldn’t you want to watch it again; the laughs, the heartbreak, the sleuthing that is Veronica Mars.  Part of the nice thing is that I could go and rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Amazon, which I will in time, but I also want it to sit in my head some.  I had also pre-ordered a book, that I guess is supposed to pick up somewhat where the movie left off.  I’m not sure, I’m still waiting for that to come in the mail, and I guess that’s another book I’m adding to my reading list for the year.

Veronica Mars has come to theaters, and I saw it, loved it, and can’t wait to watch it again!

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No? Is it just me?

Sometimes after a long day, an exhausting exam, or a stressful moment in life a walk is just what I need.  I actually went on a lot of walks last semester to either focus my mind or clear out thoughts.

This past Thursday it is what I realized I needed.  My mind was spinning, and the events of the day before had exhausted me.  School work, friends, and life were coming at me in full force.  I was exhausted and wanted to give up a little, my focus had been gone, and my mind was just spinning.  What was I to do?  Then I realized, this school has a huge campus, I used to walk the campus all the time*, why not do it now?

I dropped off my stuff in my dorm, made sure I had what I needed: keys, earphones, music, and I was off on my walk.  Like I said, a lot had happened in the past 24-48 hours and I knew that if I had tried to do homework, it wasn’t going to happen, my head needed to be clear and focus, and at this time it was neither.  It was about noon, and I headed out towards the parking lot near the dorms.  I’ll admit I didn’t know what was going to happen in this walk, all I knew is that my head was running a million miles an hour, and needed to stop.

As a student who drives just about everywhere I don’t think I realize how long a walk around campus is.  Usually a drive takes a minute maybe to get out of the dorms area and onto Crowell (street on the left side of campus), but for me it probably took five to ten minutes walking.  I’m not a slow walker, but I don’t usually walk the outside of campus, so it just seemed to take forever, but hey that seemed to be what I needed.  Again, I needed the walk, I needed to clear my head.

Once I had reached the front of campus, my mind was slowing down a little, but I knew that I needed to keep going. It is actually amazing when you walk the campus if I do say so myself.  I think with all of our busy lives running from class to class, we don’t always get the chance to stop and look and just breathe.  My walk allowed me to do that, to see the hiding fountains I don’t usually see because of not having classes on that side of campus, to see the architecture, to see the sun shining down on everything, all of this seemed to help.

My walk helped me level out, by the time I had gotten to the other side of campus I was happy, my brain had cleared out, and all of the things that I was worrying about, and freaking out about were gone, or at least pushed to the back. The walk got me through it, and the sights along the way weren’t bad either.  It was a brisk walk, maybe took me a half an hour, but it was a half an hour that was worth every second.

Take my advise, go for a walk around campus, or do it twice, it won’t kill you.

Do you have anyways to clear your head?  Something that brings you back to earth, help you focus?
*Okay, I’ll admit most of the time I would also walk inside the campus a few times, not the perimeter of campus.

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I literally just told you guys about housing and events.  Guess what, I’m about to tell you about another one.

Yes, this past weekend we went to Boomers, in Modesto.  I have to say we had some pretty good luck in that it wasn’t pouring rain, because if you remember, the days previous it was raining, and raining, and didn’t look like the sun was going to come out anytime soon.  Saturday was a good day, it was a little gloomy, but the sun was shining the clouds were just kind hiding it some of the time.

The flyers for boomers made it look fun.  There was mini golf, go karts, laser tag, and so much more.   Doesn’t that sound fun to you?  It did to me, and with the knowledge that my friends were coming along with me made it 10 times more fun.   So Saturday afternoon we headed off to Boomers!  


I’ll admit, it was windy, but it wasn’t to cold that we weren’t going to have a good time.  Our first stop when we arrived was the Go Karts.  Actually I think a decent amount of people headed to go Karts first, it seemed to be the popular thing to do.  Actually, laser tag was amazingly fun so maybe not.  Let’s go with the line for Go Karts was the longest, and probably had the longest wait, so it was smarter to get that over with first then go else where.  We waited twice before it was our turn, and then it was our turn!  The Go Karts were decently fun, and hey you don’t even need a driver’s license to drive one, you just need to know how to press the gas and break pedals and well, not bump into people.  I mean, its Go Kart racing, not bumper cars, so bumping wasn’t allowed, but going as fast as you possibly can was.  Its funny when I think about it now, I would consider myself a decently safe driver, but when I was in the Go Kart it was all in the air and anything could happen.

024 (2)

My friends and I went to play laser tag afterwards, and after watching How I Met Your Mother for years now I was interested in how it worked, and to see how good I was.  Let’s just say it was amazingly fun, my friends and I were laughing and enjoying ourselves a lot.

I’d say after the long week I had, this was the best time I could have asked for. Lots of laughs, and a lot of fun, I’m so glad I signed up for it!  Boomers, if you’ve never been maybe you should because it was extremely fun.  Rock climbing, batting cages, bumper boats, mini golf lots of fun, good job housing, it was an awesome good time!

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Some times I enjoy going home.  Sometimes I don’t.

When I think of going home, I want to relax some, sleep in my bed, relax enjoy myself, and pretend like I’m on a little mini vacation.  That’s usually my hopes and my dreams.  Most of the time, it’s not usually what happens.

The first week I came back home after returning to school my mom had all sorts of things planned for me.  My parents had torn apart our storage room cleaning things out and looking for I don’t even remember what.  That meant when I came home I was going through old things, tossing out old books, tossing out old stuffed animals.

I came back home on a Friday, and wanted to lie in my bed and just relax.  No such luck!  There was laundry, a couple boxes, and a couple pictures, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound comfortable to lie on.  What did I do?  Moved them off my bed and ignored them, sort of.   I think it was Saturday afternoon after I was done with work, that my mom came in and started asking me questions on the books that were in our dining room (because while my bed had stuff on it, our dining room was worse).  There were stacks of books, boxes of stuff, bags of old toys and maybe a sewing kit or two.

Yes, my parents cleaned out the storage room, and wanted to get rid of the books my sisters and I read in high school (and were most likely never going to read again), they wanted to get rid of the multiple toys, the stuffed animals we didn’t care about.  Yes, we tend to keep things that are sentimental to us, but we had Polly pockets for days, a billion different candle holders, and stuffed animals that we probably don’t remember where came from or bought on a whim.

We actually were able to get some money on some old books, we donated some stuffed animals and books to some foster parents we know, and gave away all those candle holders and toys we don’t play with any more.  Lets go with, it wasn’t what I had planned to do during my weekend home, but maybe I’m glad I got to do it now then lets say over spring break or something.  That would be worse.

What was bright side to all of this?  Looking at these toys I haven’t seen in forever; real Polly Pockets, Littlest Pet shop (late 1980′s or 1990′s), my childhood memories just rushing all back to me!  Its just amazing!

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I’m not really big on hockey, it’s not my favorite sport so I don’t really have a favorite player, but when the opportunity came to go see a Stockton Thunder game, I took it.

If I haven’t mentioned this before, there are benefits to living on campus, such as free activities, food and games, and events to go to.  Most of the events and activities for February were valentine related, or at least those for the first half of the month, card making and gift making, but after Valentines Day it was all up in the air.

Actually, last Saturday’s event was going to the Stockton Thunder game.  Again, I’m not real big on hockey, but it was something to do on a Saturday night, it looked like fun, and it was Star Wars night!  Now Star Wars, that’s something I’m into.


They had a costume contest after the first period for everyone who dressed up. It was awesome, everyone came out onto the ice and they had a cheering contest.  I’m pretty sure it was a little stormtrooper who won the contest; I mean little kids are the cutest, why wouldn’t they win.  The costumes were all sorts of amazing and creative, some store bought, some were home made.


During the game there were clips from Star Wars, bloopers and such during the breaks.  There was also a room to the side (I’m sure there is a fancy name for it, I just can’t remember) where you could actually take pictures with characters from Star Wars, stormtroopers, Princess Leia, Darth Vader even walked in for a couple pictures, but I was a little to slow and he slipped out before I got a chance.


Hey, I’m happy with the outcome, and enjoyed myself, and I’m sure Stockton Thunder was happy to since they won the game that night 1-0.  I still have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to hockey, but I did realize I didn’t hate it.


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Recently one of my favorite TV shows, Veronica Mars, was turned into a movie.  Veronica Mars only lasted 3 seasons and ended May of 2007, it was a sad day for all of its fans including me.   Then comes along a  kickstarter project, that launched about a year ago, where fans helped fund the movie.  Their goal within a month was to get 2 million dollars to fund the movie.  They offered different prizes as incentives, signed movie posters, T-shirts, a part of the script, the physical movie once it comes out on DVD, and within that month they got 91,585 backers and got over 5 million dollars for the movie.  As during the time of this kickstarter I was flat broke, and wished that I could have given even one dollar I could not, so all those cool prizes I just told you about I am sadly without any.IMG_1369

My excitement comes in the fact that as of yesterday, I have tickets to go and see this movie, the day it comes out!  Pre orders started yesterday, and they are only showing these movies in AMC theatres.  After a little research, I found that the closest AMC to Turlock is in Manteca, which is a short 30-45 minute drive (says the girl that drives 2 hours home, every so often), but hey if I’m going to take the time to drive there I might as well explore the town some, browse the shops, and try some delicious food.  A new adventure awaits me!

The Veronica Mars movie comes out in 27 days, and I can’t wait to see it!

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