Starting Strong

Anyone already forget about their new year’s resolutions, or what you may call a goal.  Goals are to me easier to reach and possibly put less stress on a person than a resolution.

Well I know part of my goals for last year were to workout 3-5 times a week, and last semester was a little to crazy that going to the gym was put to the side.  I am trying not to let that happen this year and make myself go to the gym at least 4 days a week.

There are also these FREE classes at the gym.  I personally enjoy going to Latin fusion on Mondays and Wednesdays, but now that I have a schedule that is less crazy/busy I might end up trying out Yoga or Butts ‘N Guts.
IMG_4230There are descriptions of what these classes are on the school website if you look up the SRC.  I’ll admit I do not know what Hourglass is, so come check these out and maybe I’ll see you there.


First day blues

I have to admit; today wasn’t the best first day back. Classes and everything were fine; it was the weather that sucked. Opening my blinds this morning to see fog and gloom did not make me want to get up and get going. Even as the day went on it didn’t seem to get any better. I mean after sleeping in for the majority of 6 weeks, and not doing anything I would have at least expected the sun to come out so that getting up early didn’t seem so bad.

I took this on my way to class at 12:30 today, and even then it was not even a little bit warm. I know it is January and we should be having cold weather, but I’m also pretty sure this time last year it was slightly warmer and sunnier.


I’m just hoping tomorrow is a little better, because this is putting a little damper on my mood and giving me little motivation to do things that should be done.
Is it just me, or did you guys get a lot done and feel motivated today?

The Final Days

So here it is guys, the final week before the spring semester starts.  Anyone have any big plans before they get tied up with homework and assignments again?

I have to admit I’m pretty ready for the semester to begin.  Maybe that’s because my break has been a lot less busy because I haven’t been working.  Which I have to say was nice because I am actually able to have dinner with my family and spend some quality time with them.

But with the weather not being gloomy it hasn’t been as nice to go out and do things as I may have liked.  This weekend is my last free weekend to go out and have some fun without the worry of homework and assignments hanging over my head.

I’ve got a little more then 24 hours to figure out what I want to do: go to the beach, have a movie marathon, go to the snow, have a day trip to San Francisco or plan a trip somewhere else.  I want to make my last weekend a good kick off before the semester begins, so wish me luck.

Enjoy the rest of your break, and I’ll see you guys around campus in a week.

Hilmar Cheese Company

If you have some free time, either during your winter break or even over a weekend, may I suggest checking out Hilmar Cheese Company, just a 15 minute drive south of Stan State.  The campus there is beautiful, at least when I went in October it was.

10.3 010

They do self guided tours of their visitor center every day, and there are free weekend guided tours at 10 and 11 a.m. When I went we actually missed the guided tour and did it ourselves, but we still made the best out of our adventure.  Besides tours, the Hilmar Cheese Company has tastings, things to buy and things to eat (not just cheese).  They have a nice little cafe to stop and have lunch at or some delicious ice cream if you have a sweet tooth.

There are ice cream making activities and tours during non school times such as winter break, summer, and spring break, which I believe is $3 per person which is pretty cheap.  10.3 011

If you do come and check it out, I may suggest to plan out your visit so that you get the most out of it.    It is a nice place, and something that you probably won’t find anywhere else, so check it out and get yourself some local cheese.

Happy Days

So one of my goals for 2015 was to write down something that made me happy each day, for 365 happy days, and while I did not write down what made me happy every day, and got more of 340 happy days I still thought I could share some of the things that made me happy this past year.


  • January 2:  Getting a $100 tip at work
  • January 22: Being wrapped up in a blanket on a cold night reading with some hot chocolate
  • February 21:  A taco run with friends at 2am
  • March 7: Friends bridal shower
  • March 21: Cave hiking
  • April 3: Being home for Spring Break
  • April 25: My parents coming to visit me at school
  • May 8:  Warrior Day with friends
  • May 20: Finishing Physical Chemistry 1 (one of the hardest chemistry classes)
  • June 11: Getting a 0.25¢ raise at work
  • July 7: Exploring Napa
  • July 16:  Jelly bean van coming around and giving out free samples
  • August 6: Getting my nails done with my sister
  • September 5: Tangled date with Tamara
  • October 8: Chocolate covered cherries
  • November 7: Paying $1.50 a gallon for gas
  • November 27: Ice Skating in central park
  • December 10: Walking in the light rain, listening to music


Some things were little, other things were big, but they all made me happy at some point in the day, and that is what really mattered.

Family Game Time

It seems like every time my family gets together, we end up playing card games.

I think it started when I was little, I remember camping and all the adults playing hearts late in the evenings.  It seemed to become a tradition, and while it’s been a few years since we have all been camping, we still end up playing cards when we get together.

That maybe why I love playing card games, and have a hundred different games and decks in my room.


We have been playing card games a couple nights straight, but Sunday was the biggest group and the most memorable.  All 8 of us playing Uno at the kitchen table, there were a lot of laughs and some trash talk, but it was family and smiles all around. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


Holiday Party Games

Hello everyone, and Happy almost Christmas!

As my parents are hosting Christmas this year, my mom did a little searching on pinterest for some fun games everyone can participate in or at least enjoy watching others do.

Christmas-Party-Games A few that she decided would be fun were Junk in your trunk, Snowball toss, and a few homemade puzzles.

Junk in your trunk requires an empty tissue box, 6-8 ping pong balls, and a ribbon of some sort.  The tissue box gets strapped to a players waist filled with the ping pong balls, and they have to remove as many ping pong balls in a minute without using their hands or lying on the ground.

Snowball toss requires some marshmallows (hopefully not stuck together), a bucket or bin, and a ring attached to a string.  Each player is going to get a cup full of marshmallows and has to throw them through the handing ring, and get as many of them as possible in the bucket on the other hand within a minute.

For the homemade puzzles we ended up saving some old cereal and soda boxes to cut up into 15-20 pieces.  This one is more of a how fast can you put the puzzle together, and since we only have a couple puzzles, you can’t watch someone else put it together.

If we end up keeping score for everyone my mom has 100 grand (the candy bar) to give to the winners of the night.  Hope everyone has a wonderful, and safe Christmas!

Ideas and image came from here.

Meet Pickle

During December little elves come and visit my parent’s house to watch and make sure we are all being good.  We can always tell when they have gone to see Santa because when they come back they are in a different spot or different room.  Over the span of December more and more elves come out and can be seen in the tree, on shelves, or hanging off a light fixture of some sort.  The elves are all different some small, some short, some with hats, others with beards.

This is Pickle, he is the newest elf to come and visit our home.Pickle the Elf

This year Pickle ended up coming with me to the dorms to watch me.  He came with me after Thanksgiving and has been hanging around in my room making sure I study and stay focused.   He would have been around the entire dorm, but my roommates thought he was a little creepy looking so he was content staying in my room.

I’m excited to be going home and seeing the other elves that may have popped up since I was home in November.

Building a Spectrophotometer

For my Instrumental Analysis class (CHEM 4100) we were asked to build a working spectrophotometer.  This was to help us better understand how an instrument is put together and how it functions.

A spectrophotometer is an instrument that measures the amount of light of a specified wavelength which passes through a medium.  The general requirements we were required to have were a light source, a diffraction grating, a sample holder, and a light detector.

1116_absorbance spectrophotometer

We were required to have a procedure that had all the materials listed as to how to make it, and how to assemble it.  The assignment was due today, and we had to bring our fully assembled spectrophotometer into class to see if it actually worked.  Our instruments were tested based on how it acquired measurements from red-40 solutions, and these solutions were plotted to give a Beer’s Law Graph (A=ElC), where A is absorbance, E is the molar absorptivity constant, l is the path length (usually 1), and C is the concentration.

This is part of my spectrophotometer:



Like I said it is only part of it, not completely put together.  I’ve got the multimeter (still in the package) which measures the resistance, and is the real test to see if the spectrophotometer works.  There is also a CD on a rotating axis, which works as the diffraction grating, there are batteries in there for the flashlight, working as the light source, and the only thing missing from the picture is the Light dependent resistor and the cuvette which go on that little stand.

Never Give Up

So I was emailing a friend a while back talking about school and such.  And I was going to complain to her about how school just seems tough, that sentence/statement got deleted, and I’m going to put it here instead:

It has been hard the past couple weeks seeing my friends who are different majors going out, having fun and me sitting in my room doing lab reports and other assignments that seem never ending.  It is a little discouraging, and doesn’t seem fair.


Here is what I say to anyone who has been feeling the same way. DON’T GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE UP. You just have to push through, this semester may seem tough, but you have gotten through it this far, you can finish it up as strong as you started.  Keep your head up and you will make it through.  There are people out there that support you, and know you can do it.  You can do it!

Be like this mouse, never give up.