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For anyone who doesn’t know we have a lovely health center on campus.  It’s like our own mini doctors office on campus, there when you need it.

According to the school’s website, “Our facility is housed in the Health Center Building and is equipped with eight up-to-date examination rooms, a pharmacy, a clinical laboratory, a medical library, a minor surgery room, and two infirmary (short stay) rooms.”

I’ve heard, and now experienced the beauty of the Health Center.  I’ll admit I was a little intimidated to walk in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and for some people a doctors office may freak you out a bit.

I’m going to tell you a little story about how I was sick, or at least I thought I was sick.  I had woken up on a Sunday morning with a sore throat, and thought nothing more then, “great I’m getting sick”.  I took the regular medicine I take when I’m sick Sudafed, and some Advil for the pain.  The problem was, the medicine didn’t seem to be helping, and I started to get a lot of pressure built up in my ear, where it was just so painful to deal with.  A week had gone by, and I still wasn’t better.

Once my roommates got concerned about how I was sounding, I decided to go to the drug store and get some medicine that would help get me better a lot faster, or so I thought.  Mucinex and NyQuil were what I thought would help.  I hadn’t been getting a good night sleep because of all of the coughing and the pain, and I knew Nyquil would help with that.  The two medicines had helped a little, but not in the way I had hoped.

12 days had passed and I still wasn’t better, I had to do something.  Then I remembered, we have a health center, they can help me, figure out what the problem is and get me back to a healthy state!  I made a plan to go in between my classes to make an appointment to be seen.  I was lucky that they could make an appointment and see me that day!  After filling out paper work, getting checked on, and telling the doctor my symptoms and how long they’ve lasted, she did a couple test and we found out I had strep throat.  No wonder nothing else was working!

Now a little advice, if you are sick go to the Health Center, even if you just need some cough medicine.  They gave me a prescription with about 20 tablets, it was only $4.00, and I’m sure if I had gone to them when I was buying Nyquil it would have been cheaper there too.  Trust me when I say its always safer to check with the Health Center, they are here to make sure that we as students stay healthy, and they know that many of us are on a budget.  They are here to help us, don’t be afraid!!

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      Sara says:

    I hope you feel better! Never used the Health Center yet, but I’ve heard nothing but good things! Great post!