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I’m going to say my RA is kind of brilliant!  She wanted to do some sort of arts project for our floor event this month and it ended up being extremely fun!  She found the idea somewhere online about painting leaves and making art using their veins.

First part was to go out and find leaves we wanted to use.   We wondered around campus looking for different shapes and sizes of leaves, and hoping they weren’t going to fall apart when we started to paint on them.  Crunchy leaves are fun for stepping on, but not so easy to paint with.  There are at least 100 trees on this campus, but we tried to limit ourselves to maybe 20 within a decent walking distance of the housing office, which is were we were doing the painting.


Because this was a new thing for about everyone and we were going to be putting the painted leaves on canvases, we thought it smart to do a test run and figure out how to press them down.  We weren’t exactly sure what leaves were going to work the best, or how much paint needed to go on before it was okay to press down.  It took some time, but we did figure it out.


Everyone had their own little design in mind.  After a while, you kind of just had to go with what the leaves were giving us, and hope it ended up looking okay.  My final product ended up more as a picture frame, probably because I started with it as leaves in the corners and then it moved along the sides.  Someone suggested putting a poem or something in the middle.  I haven’t quite decided what I am giong to do.  There is quite a bit of possibilities.


Fall-en art friday was definitely a success in my mind, and a lot of fun after a long week full of classes.  It is something I’d love to do again even if I was doing it by myself.

If you live on campus, you should check out all of the events!  I’m sure there is something out there you’d want to be a part of!

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      Sara says:

    Love this! Definitely brings out the fall spirit!