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Hello!  Yesterday was the first of December!  Oh how time has flown by so hard to believe.

December is here, which means the Holidays are close and/or here.

December means all of our Christmas decorations are coming out, and soon enough my dad will start playing the Christmas music.  Oh how I love this music!

We have all sorts of Christmas/Holiday traditions in my house!

  • There is our little elves that pop up around our house.  I’ve even got one in my dorm!

    Pickle the Elf

    Pickle the Elf

  • We have a Christmas blanket my grandparents made and gave to us to pass around each night until Christmas
  • There is all of the baking that comes with the holidays
  • Family gatherings, all of my family that I barely see during the year get together and spend time together.

I almost love the whole season. The only thing that could make it really feel like a Christmas season would be snow.

The other thing I love about it is that it brings out peoples generosity, kindness, and all those things we don’t show enough of. It is one of those happier seasons.

Happy December everyone!

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2 Responses to “Happy December!!”
  1. 1
      anthonymsilva says:

    I absolutely love December and the whole holiday season! I’m a sucker for all things Christmas, though I agree some snow in our area would be nice!

  2. 3
      Sara says:

    I agree I love this month and everything that comes with it! Happy December!!