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As finals are approaching, it means time to go over all of the notes from the entire semester and remember what may have been forgotten, or at least get a little refresher on what you learned.  As I was going through some of my notes I noticed a few things. Doodles!
There was more then one occasion where I guess I wasn’t as interested in a particular lecture and was more interested in drawing in the side margins of my notebook while taking notes.

I thought it was interesting that each page had some of the same drawings and some different ones as well.  I had handful of pages with music notes on them.  I don’t think I am very good with detailed drawings, but something simple like a flower or music notes is easy and fun.


Little alien man

Little alien man


a measure or two of music

a measure or two of music

There was actually a study I remember hearing about a few years ago that said that doodling tends to keep your mind on task. Does that mean the drawings in my margins helped me understand the material better? Maybe, I don’t know. Once finals are over I’ll know whether they hurt me or helped me. I’m definitely hoping for the best.

Do you tend to doodle while listening to lectures?

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4 Responses to “A doodle here, a doodle there”
  1. 1
      Sara says:

    At least you have cute doodles! Love your alien man haha!

  2. 3
      johncunha says:

    I think it helps you remember the content better. It is an associative approach! If I could draw in the slightest I would totally do that

    • 5
        Carrie says:

      John, these little doodles are the extent of my drawing skills, anything even a little more complicated I wouldn’t be able to do

  3. 7
      jongrammatico says:

    Sometimes I think I doddle more than I take notes! Whoops. Maybe that will be my New Years Resolution.

    But I agree with Sara, your alien is so awesome!