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Strangely enough I’m not stressed about finals, even though I’ve got two in the next 24 hours.  Wouldn’t that make you scream or cringe?  I mean there is no doubt I’m studying like a crazy person, but my heart isn’t pounding or beating so hard that I feel like I am going to fail.  It could all be that my real worry is my final on Tuesday, I’m pretty sure it will make or break me.

My finals tomorrow are my music final, and physics final. My music final I should be worried about due to the fact that all of the tests up to now have been online, and the final is in class.  Online tests usually mean you can rely on your notes or the book, it also means you don’t retain the information like you should.  This final is no notes, no book, and is two parts, 1 part multiple choice, 1 part essay/short answer.  I guess the nice part about the essay section was that we were already given the prompts, so we could do the research, write a draft so that we are ready for the final.  My physics final will be a little easier in that it is cumulative and somewhat based off of previous tests with a little bit from the new material.  He gives us practice problems, and sample exams which help prepare for the tests, it’s also nice that we are given a formula sheet so you don’t have to remember the formulas; you just have to know where to use them and how to use them.

See, most of that doesn’t seem too stressful to me.

Tuesday, Tuesday is going to be the killer.  This class has been the hardest of the chemistry classes I’ve taken at Stan State, although since I’m only in my third semester I’m sure it’ll get even harder.  Quantitative Analysis isn’t a class you can skip if you are a chemistry major, and I know there are a good handful of people that have retaken the class.  It requires a lot of devotion and dedication as a good understanding of everything covered.  The final is a mixture of problems from the previous exams, which is nice because there are keys posted of the exams, but if you are just mimicking the motions it’s not exactly learning how to do the problem when it is worded differently or numbers are changed.  Learning from past mistakes will help on this final for sure, but I’m still unsure about everything.

Isn’t that the worst, second guessing yourself?  Anyone else have this problem?

Hope all of your finals go well, good luck!

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      Sara says:

    Good luck on all of your finals! I’m sure you’ll do great!