Survival Kit

So my Peer Academic Leader (PAL) in housing had an event where we made college survival kits.   The flyer only said that it was survival kit making, it didn’t explain what it was helping with or how it would help us survive college.  It was extremely creative, each of my roommates and I made one, and have them for when we lose a marble, or something else.

Check it out:

photo 2 (1)

photo 5

It is definitely something you should get or make yourself, or even get creative and make up one of your own.  For some reason I haven’t used any of the items in my kit yet, but that could be because I’ve got a couple extras in my drawer, or because I don’t want to disrupt the awesome kit, because I’m sure I’ve needed to get away (bubbles) and need a burst of energy every so often (starburst).  Again, this is awesome, and you should make one!  Go now!  Go make one! You won’t regret it!

One thought on “Survival Kit

  1. This is a super cute idea that helps instill positivity, even in the face of things that can bring you down!

    I hope you never have to use it! But if you do, I hope it helps you survive. 😉

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