If You Were in My Shoes…

One of my friends posted this on facebook, and while it had a good impact on me, I was hoping it has an impact on you the reader as well. If you were in my shoes, you would know that I am afraid to fail.  I’ve worked this far to get where I am, if I stopped for any reason I think I would break down.  I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, and that if I fail the world will come tumbling down.  I can’t let that happen, and I won’t let that happen. They are actually having an event this Tuesday April 15th, from 5-7pm in the game room if you are interested.  Definitely something to look into! What happened if someone else was in your shoes?

2 thoughts on “If You Were in My Shoes…

  1. This was a very inspirational video, and very well done (great job ASI!)! I’m glad it’s inspired you, and I took some personal reflection from it as well. I know quite a few people in the video, and it’s nice to see people I can connect with and feel touched by.

    Definitely made my day a little better. :)

  2. Great video! I think this event was a really smart idea, and I hope to see it continue. I was working in the Game Room when the event started, so I was able to catch the first part of it before I had to clock out.

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