Bring your own…..Tye Dye!

Have I blogged about enough events for housing lately? I think not! The latest adventure or activity, what ever you choose to call it was Bring your own anything and Tye Dye it!

I could tell you the short story of how I own about zero items of clothing that can be tye dyed besides socks, and then went on a hunt for the best deals around for a shirt (or two) to make colorful.  But really, that’s what happened, Thursday I went to Target to see what kind of deals they had on shirts, it was my first stop, but I also wasn’t willing to spend $10 on a shirt that was going to be dyed, so Saturday morning (the day of the event) I drove to the Modesto mall looking for hopefully a better deal.  There are certain stores that I know would give me a good deal on a plain shirt.  I was on a mission to find a deal, and after searching a couple stores I found what I thought was a good one, and when I got to the register was even better!  So my best deal found was  a shirt for $5.80, I actually picked up two more, so that I had two to dye and one to actually wear white, got to the register, and I don’t know if they were marked incorrectly or if it was just my luck, but at the register they were $3.80, even a better deal!  I might have actually picked up a couple more if I knew that was going to be the case.

Sorry, back on track.  The event was bring your own anything and tye dye!  Sounds amazing and I probably hadn’t dyed a shirt since the 5th grade.  It sounded exciting, it sounded fun!


Of course I got there and had no idea what to do because it had been so long since I had done this.  It was bundle your shirt (or what ever) tie it with rubber bands and dump in the buckets of colors they had.  Now the funny story comes with the fact that the buckets full of color were labeled, but the colors inside them were 50/50 correct.  There was a chance you were dipping into the right color, and there was a chance you wanted red, but got purple or orange instead.  I think there was a little mix up or something when making colors.  Luckily I found the colors I wanted with some careful testing.



Next part comes, and some sort of science fits in!  Where you put something in water/liquid and it absorbs that liquid.  Therefore whatever ended up being dyed was soaked wet, and colorful.  I’m pretty sure my roommates might be a little mad if I had come home and left colored spots every where in the dorm.  I did actually ring out my shirts after making them oh so colorful (which then turned my hands colors) but they were still wet, so they went in plastic bags.  Actually one of them is still in a plastic bag because it is still decently wet, but the other is dry, and a little wrinkled.  Maybe I should have let it dry flat instead of in the little ball.



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  1. I remember for one of my birthdays, I had a tie-dye party! It was fun and easy. I haven’t tie-dyed in so long. Maybe I’ll put it on my to-do-list.

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