Quarterly Update

Do you remember this? My goals for the year, well I do! I figure 4 months have gone by, its a good time to track where I’m at, and how all of this has been going.
Goals 2014


1. Explore Turlock. Haven’t done this.  Not a once.  I told you I drove to Manteca; does that count as exploring some?  Well there was a little exploring, my friend and I went out and found a pool hall called Sharkey’s, it is a pretty fun place to go with friends, there’s food, arcade games, pool, ping pong.  I still need to do more, find parks, shops maybe, get to know Turlock so that if people come to visit me, I can show them places.  

2. Get back into crafting. I actually started some crafting.  If I can plan it out correctly, maybe every couple Friday nights until finals I’ll be productive and work on my crafts.  I’m thinking if I don’t plan this out, and make it in print it won’t get done at least not until the semester is over. I’ve got two major projects that I’ve got to work on and then a couple side projects.  I need to plan, I need to focus.

3. Get a 3.5 GPA.   I’m trying to work my hardest.  I’m almost 100 percent sure about my calculus class; as long as I keep doing that work I’ll be fine.  My criminal justice methods class is another story, I did get a B on the midterm, I just need to make sure it doesn’t get the better of me.  Organic chemistry, of all my classes it requires the most time, dedication and focus, I’m hoping for a B at the end of the semester.

4. Read the 5 books listed.  I haven’t read too much.  School happened to get in the way, most of the reading I do is text books.  I tried to make a dent during break, it didn’t really happen as planned.  I hope I don’t have to stick to summer to read all 5 of them.  I have to keep this on my list, I will read them all!

5. Be more experimental with baking.  I did a little experiment with making cupcakes filled with chocolate inside, and using a chocolate topping.  I’ve got one more box of mix that I could still do something with.   I’ve also book marked a couple different bread recipes, and new things I might be willing to try, but I haven’t tested them out yet.  Hopefully I will soon.

6. Go to the gym 3x a week.  I’ve actually been pretty good on this one.  My roommates and I have gone to Zumba at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. I’ve tried the hip hop class a couple times, other wise its muscle strengthening or elliptical.  I’m trying to keep with 3 times a week, there has been a few where I’ve slacked off and only gone twice, and there has also been times where I went 4-5 times in a week.  Looks like I’m actually sticking to it, and I’m happy!

One thought on “Quarterly Update

  1. It’s great to have goals, and especially to follow up on them!

    I never make a concrete list for things to accomplish for the year, but this is seriously such a good idea I might have to steal it…

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