Donnelly Park

So I did it!  I ventured out a little and was introduced to Donnelly Park, which is only a few quick minutes away from campus.

Donnelly Park is about 40 acres, and is a nice place to go hang out with friends, or have a family picnic.  I wasn’t able to see the entire park, but from what I saw it was really nice.  A good place to go for a walk, hang out or play around.  There is a lot of grass area, when I went to visit there were people playing volleyball, I think there is a playground, and there is plenty to look at.

There is a huge pond in the middle of the park, plenty of ducks, geese, and even fish in the pond.  My friend who introduced me to this place had asked me to come feed the birds; I never expected that the fish in the water would be so hungry they would end up going for the bread too.



It was definitely a nice place to hang out, feed the birds and enjoy the weather.  I have to remember to keep exploring, find new parks, or even come back since this one was so nice.

One thought on “Donnelly Park

  1. I love Donnelly Park!

    People who think Stan has too many ducks and geese have obviously never been to this park haha

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