Warrior Day 2014

This year was my first year going to warrior day, as I didn’t really know what it was last year, and by the time I thought about going it was a little to late to get a free ticket.  Yes I said a free ticket (for students), as long as you went to the Warrior Activities Center the day before the event the ticket would have been free.

This year I was all for going, I had some friends to go with, and I had actually heard of the main performer, definitely a good plus to me.  Warrior Day, if you don’t know, means all classes after noon are canceled, it kind of gives you some time to prepare: get rid of your books and backpacks, change into shorts, put on some sunscreen, and meet up with your friends so that you don’t have to walk in alone.

Warrior Day was full of all sorts of activities, photo booths, cartoonists, rock climbing, zip lining, food, music, and other such activities.  There were lines for things everywhere, you wouldn’t believe, and the lines might have merged a little bit, so you might not have been sure what you were getting in line for.


I think the shortest line might have been for rock climbing, or maybe it was just a little easier to get through because people were pretty quick up and down, and there wasn’t much set up, just put on a holster, and head on up.  It was pretty fun and easy, I had never done it before, and so it was a good experience.


The longest line was for the zip line, but maybe you would expect that since I don’t think its something you could do as frequent as the other things.  I stood in the line once, and thought I wasn’t going to do it again, but my friends convinced me otherwise, twice was enough for a line that took about 30 minutes to get through.  The only thing that made the wait worth it was the view, well and the excitement of being on the zip line.


View from the top of the Zip line

They had other music playing during the first half of the day with a DJ, reggae music and others. Once Far East Movement (the main act) got on stage it was kind of like when fireworks go off at Disneyland, all of the lines get shorter and easier to get through.  Everyone for the most part came to the center to watch and enjoy, and try and see how close they could get.


It was amazing and fun, and I am happy to say that I did not get sun burnt, even after standing in lines in the heat.  Definitely an amazing day with lots of fun and excitement!


4 thoughts on “Warrior Day 2014

  1. I actuarially missed this years Warriors day. I first attended Warriors day for the first time a year before my actuarial enrollment at CSU Stan. I had a great time there and I recommend that everyone who is attending CSU Stan to attend this event at least once. I was too busy studying and working on school things this year to go, but I also totally forgot about it too to be honest. It sounds like you had a great time though. Im sure for the years to come it will be as fun as it has been all these years.

  2. So, I’m super lame and totally didn’t attend Warrior Day this year, but I wish I had now!

    All my friends that went said it was really fun, but there’s always next year I guess!

  3. I missed Warrior Day this year because I was working, but it looks like it was cool! The last one I went to was a couple years ago in my Freshman year I think.

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