Packing and saying Good bye

Well it happens to be that time of year again, end of spring semester, which means time to move out.  My welcoming little dorm that I have gotten so used to living in, I am so close to saying good bye to.  I’ve already started packing, as move out day is only a week away!  I can’t believe how much time has passed.

This semester, and this year living in the dorms has been so amazing.  I have taken adventures, created master pieces, and have made a lot of friendships.  This year especially coming back to my dorms after class has been enjoyable with the decorations and the fun times my roommates and I have had, going to zumba, having little jokes and going to dinner and talking.


My roommates and I may have made a couple Target runs during the semester to help decorate our dorms for holidays and occasions, some thing cheerful and happy. Two examples are Valentines Day, and Easter/Spring, we got window stickers and decals to display.


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This little dorm is going to look sad and empty once everything is taken down, it just won’t look the same.  I’m pretty sure coming next Friday/Saturday saying good bye to the dorms and my roommates is going to be very difficult.  Memories were made, and friendships formed, good times were had, and since a couple roommates are graduating, next year just won’t be the same.  If anyone sees me crying at the end of the week, here’s why, good byes are always the hardest, but hopefully we will still talk some.

One thought on “Packing and saying Good bye

  1. Goodbyes are hard, but they make way for new beginnings (which means new people!) to come into your life!

    Appreciate the here and now, and at least you have awesome memories that will stay with you forever!

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