This is it!

If you are able to say you have finished the semester with your head held high that is a good thing.  And even if you are in doubt about your grades, the semester is over, and now is the time to turn over a new leaf.  Take a break and then come back with a fresh start.

I am happy to say I have successfully completed my first year at CSU Stanislaus!  It is a great achievement and I look forward to returning to classes in the fall.  I think I ended my semester pretty well, and that being said I also got moved out of campus today and am now happily back at home.  I struggled at times during the semester and the year but I got through it, and that is all that matters. Finals are over, summer has begun!

Once I’ve re-organized my room, because it looks like a tornado hit after moving back in, I plan to relax a little, sleep in and have some fun.  I’m sorry to say I will be taking a break from blogging during the summer, but plan to hear back from me when the fall semester starts.  Hopefully I will have some good stories to tell you, and a new schedule of classes to talk about.

Have a good summer!

El Fin

It has finally happened!  While I may have mentioned that performing the experiment was the last phase of the Grand Experimental Challenge, I was wrong!  The final part was the poster, and the presentation.

As in putting all of your data together, finishing up the calculations and presenting it.

My one fear is always presenting.  I have this little thing of stage fright, or fear of public speaking.  Let’s just say I’m not good at it.  I get butterflies with just the thought of having to give a presentation in front of a classroom full of students.  Yes they are my piers, but having 25 pairs of eyes looking at me is not exactly something I enjoy.  Sometimes my voice starts to get quiet (or quieter then usual) or I end up doing things that are frowned upon when making a presentation such as not making eye contact or mumbling.  Presenting is not an easy thing to do for me.

My partner and I worked hard in putting together our poster board.  We wanted our poster to have some color, to pop out but not be so boring that the entire poster looked like a blur of words.  Trust me, it isn’t a good thing.  We ended up gluing it all together just hours before our presentation due to the fact we didn’t want our poster to be just words, and at first look that is exactly what it was.  We had to find and print the pictures we thought would help spruce up our poster a little.

Lucky for me, and anyone else who has a bit of stage fright, we weren’t presenting in front of our entire class.  We were in fact part of the Chemistry Poster Celebration!  There were tables in the main lobby of the 3rd Floor of Naraghi Hall for those participating.  During our time slot there was our General Chemistry 2 Grand Experiment as well as Physical Chemistry Experiments.  There were snacks and refreshments to anyone who wanted some! *This is a note to all students who have to take general chemistry 2, a week before finals if you have time go see the Grand Experiments so that when this happens to you, you know what to do.

I was thrilled.  There weren’t 25 pairs of eyes looking at me as my partner and I explained what we did, and what we found there was usually just a single pair.  It seemed like a rotation of professors.  Every so often one would come by, ask us what we did and ask a few more questions after that.  There were even a couple students looking at posters reading the different experiments and comparing.  It was a nice thing, not as much stress, and hey actually relaxing.  The only problem was that standing around for two hours in not the most comfortable shoes in the world isn’t exactly fun.  But with the stress of this project out of the way all I’ve got left are finals.

What a Day

I don’t know if this has ever happened to anyone else, but Wednesday was the worst and craziest day of my life.

Since the semester is coming to an end all the professors want to finish up material and make sure the amount of tests they had prepared for the semester were completed.  That being said, I knew that my chemistry and my calculus tests were Wednesday, as the dates had been on the syllabi and they had stuck to the dates of tests to the T.  Now if it weren’t for Warrior day my physics test might have been on Friday.  (For those that don’t know Warrior day meant all classes after 12 pm on Friday were canceled) and since my physics class starts at noon, there was no class Friday.  There were a few people who tried to motivate the professor to have the test on Thursday, our discussion day, but there were conflicts.

So what happened?  I had three tests all on the same day. Wednesday, all within a 4 hour time period.

Studying for these tests were a little hard, I wasn’t sure which was more important to study for.  So I kind of balanced my mix.  I tried rotating the subjects every hour or so, so that I was evenly studying.

The problem with that is that after hours of studying my mind felt like it was going to explode.  I had all of this information I was jamming in my head to remember and no real break in between. I actually had to take a break, take a breath and take in the information so that I didn’t have to re-remember everything the next time around.  I think the difficult thing is that when I study for tests I tend to panic a little.  Every second up to the test should be some form of studying otherwise I’d feel bad for not studying, that I was wasting time that could be spent studying.  It’s just a little overwhelming.

Now the day of the tests comes, and I think my only freak out is that I’m going to start mixing up information.  What do I mean?  I mean thinking about calculus while I’m taking my chemistry test.  I almost was, really.  Calculus was right before chemistry so as I was walking to chemistry I was still thinking calculus.  Oh crap!  That wasn’t a good thing.  I couldn’t be thinking about antiderivatives, limits, and the area under a curve when I should be thinking about calculating the pH of a reaction or finding the solubility or even the difference between an oxidation and reduction.  My brain was full of all of this stuff, the information was just jumbled.

Back to back test was hard, and as much as I hate to admit it, I kind of wish that the chemistry and physics test were back to back, because that hour of waiting was a little bit of torture.  Trying to study a little more, knowing that it might not help, and just waiting for the hour to pass, it was torture.   The one bright side was that I was sure I wasn’t going to mix up material for those classes because of the extra hour and slight bit of studying I tried to do.

Its days later, I’ve gotten all of my tests back and I think if you averaged them I got a C+/B- which based of the conditions wasn’t that bad, but having to study for tests all on the same day gave me a good couple brain farts.  I made a stupid mistake in my chemistry workout problem that I knew minutes after the test, and I’m sure I would have remembered everything if I wasn’t so stressed out.  My grades dropped from where they usually are because of this.  Hopefully finals will be better; they aren’t all on the same day, which means a little more studying and a little less panicking.

Has this ever happened to you?  Taking a test in every class you have on the same day?  How did you handle it?

Banana Bread

I’m not gonna lie, but I make a mean Banana Bread.



Making banana bread is just one of those things I tend to go to when I’m feeling stressed or want to work out my emotions.  Its kind of strange in that way.  The nice thing is that my house, and now my dorm always has bananas in it because I’m such a big fruit eater!


I figured I could share because, I mean who doesn’t love banana bread?  And when its home made, its even better!

1 cube soft butter, not melted
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp Vanilla
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 mashed/aged bananas

First you want to cream together the margarine, sugar, egg and vanilla. Then add one cup of flour and mix. Add second cup of flour, mashed bananas and baking soda. Mix thoroughly. Bake for one hour at 350 in a greased loaf pan.

Based off of experience you don’t want to forget anything, and I mean anything.  Its happened to me, and I’ve been quite disappointed, the bread just doesn’t look the same once it comes out, or it tastes a little funny.   Enjoy!

Packing Up

With the end of the semester coming closer and closer many things are going through my mind: Finals, tests, homework, studying, and moving out.  Moving out is going to be the hard thing, especially since while I moved into the dorms with just about 2 cars full of stuff I also managed to make another trip or so a few weeks later with at least a trunk full of other things.

I did happen to move in with a box or so of perishable foods that I have been slowly eating, which somewhat narrows down the list a little, but the big things that I came up with are the worries.  After move in day I brought up the griddle I got for Christmas, a blender, a set of drawers for a nightstand, a rug to decorate my room a little more and a couple extra things to hang on my wall.

Very slowly I’ve been moving things back.  Clothes I wore during the winter I no longer need, art supplies I never have time to use, DVD’s that I’ve watched, and even a couple things that I realize I don’t really use or have a use for any more such as little decorative items or a bottle of shampoo that I had bought to be a backup and now I realize I don’t need.

This weekend is really the test.  I’m bringing home a couple big things and hoping not to break them in travel.

First up is my TV and DVD player.  See while the housing office up graded our TV service the big old bulky TV’s don’t get reception any more, and mine being at least 7 years old and still having a VHS player attached to it does not get these amazing channels, or any channels for that matter.  I’ve really just kept it around to watch DVD’s and not over heat my laptop with such nonsense.  I don’t need the TV anymore, and with the TV goes the DVD player, as well as the rest of my DVD’s.

Next is a few dishes.  I brought plenty of dishes to school and I’m sure if I bring home a couple plates and cups my roommates won’t get to annoyed, it’ll just mean dishes need to be washed a little more often.

I am also thinking about making a boat load of pancakes before I leave for the weekend and just stuff them in my freezer so that I can take back the griddle and any extra bisquick I have.  I think I enjoy making pancakes more then I do eating them now a days so hopefully I’ll have a little fun doing it.

Lastly might actually be my desk lamp.  I brought it to school not knowing if I was going to use it, and for the most part I haven’t I get decently enough light during the day from outside, and the light in my room provides enough at night that I don’t really need an extra light, and the fact that I barely use my desk to do work might have something to do with it too.

I’m not exactly sure how many cars are going to help me move out, but hopefully all of my stuff will be able to fit inside the available cars.  Wish me luck, because carrying back all of these things, I might just need it.