It finally came!

A month ago I wrote about my excitement of going to see The Veronica Mars Movie, well that time finally came!  I had only partially been prepping myself for weeks.  I had been counting down the days, and doing a little Veronica Mars re-watch, one episode a day until the movie came out.  Strangely enough with timing was perfect (since I had started this in January).  I ended up watching the last episode of season 3 (the last season) and hour and a half before going to see the movie.

The nice thing about the movie was that you didn’t have to see the series to know what was going on.  Yes there were little references to the series, jokes that those of us who watched the series understood, but the story line itself was all new, original and would have new comers interested and easy to follow.


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When I purchased the tickets in advanced, I thought long and hard about when I wanted to go see the movie, as a die-hard Veronica Mars fan I would have loved to see the midnight showing, but as Thursday is my early day seeing the midnight show would have been a little crazy, and I most likely would have slept through my Friday classes.  The options were then, 10:30, 12:40, 3:30, and 4:15.  The first two options were still kind of out due to the fact that I had class until 1 pm Friday, which then meant late afternoon showings.  My first and possibly only instinct was to watch the movie as soon as I possibly could, and that meant 3:30.  It gave me enough time after class to grab something to eat (if I wanted), relax a little, then get on the road and drive to Manteca.  Surprisingly enough the ride wasn’t that bad, and while I was panicking thinking it was going to take 45 minutes, and that my friend and I were going to miss the first few minutes of the movie, we were early to the theater and decently on time.

It was my first time even driving to the theater, I knew the route quite well, as I have to drive it when ever I go home, but it was the part after we got off the freeway that had me lost.  After the freeway is where I needed to use my brain a little more, pay attention to street signs and remember to turn at the correct corner.  It wasn’t too bad, I knew in what general direction the theater was, just not the street.  Like I said, we made it there in no time


The movie was about 2 hours long, and was everything that I could imagine.  The movie took place about 9 years after the show ended, and picked up somewhat where it would have left off.  Veronica about to become a big shot lawyer in New York City, and then she gets pulled back to Neptune.  That’s about as much of it I’m going to say, because I’d love for you to watch the movie too.  Take a peek, here, for the first 8 minutes of the movie, it might make you want to watch the rest of it. Of course the problem was I kind of wanted to watch it again.  I know there were people that did watch it multiple times, not all of them in California, but it was that good, that why wouldn’t you want to watch it again; the laughs, the heartbreak, the sleuthing that is Veronica Mars.  Part of the nice thing is that I could go and rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Amazon, which I will in time, but I also want it to sit in my head some.  I had also pre-ordered a book, that I guess is supposed to pick up somewhat where the movie left off.  I’m not sure, I’m still waiting for that to come in the mail, and I guess that’s another book I’m adding to my reading list for the year.

Veronica Mars has come to theaters, and I saw it, loved it, and can’t wait to watch it again!

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  1. I think I’m going to see the movie soon. I really know nothing about Veronica Mars (other than she has a cool name) but I think you’ve definitely sold me on it!

    Gotta check the showtimes now!

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