This past week in my criminalistics class we did a fingerprint lab and a crime scene lab.

Obviously it wasn’t a real crime scene, but there was a fake dummy who looked like he had been shot in the head and some other clues that had to be found in the taped off “crime scene” part of the room.   We had to document the scene based on what we had gone over in previous lectures, sketch the scene, and collect any evidence we had found.

Here’s a sample sketch of a scene I had to make for a different class a few years ago.

ADMJ 110 Room Sketch Measurements


Along with the crime scene we also got the opportunity to get ourselves fingerprinted.  I’ll admit this wasn’t my first time getting fingerprinted, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.   The last time I got it done we did the entire 10-print card, each finger individually, the four fingers together, and the thumbs separately.

This time we only had to do the 10 fingers individually and characterize them as a loop, whorl, or an arch.  I found out that my fingers only have whorls and loops, no arches, which probably isn’t as rare as I might hope it is.  This time was a lot easier to be fingerprinted either because of the ink or the person fingerprinting me.  This of course was just a lab experiment so that we could analyze the prints, if you went out today and tried to get fingerprinted for a job or something it would most likely be done electronically because sometimes using ink causes problems such as smudging or not having enough ink on the hand to get every little detail.

Getting Organized

My RA came up with/ found this amazing idea of making bulletin boards out of picture frames. It is somewhat the idea of making something new out of something old, or just giving it a new twist of some sort.

All you need is:

  • 8×10 picture frames (or any size really)
  • adhesive spray
  • cork material


And maybe some scissors and a writing material of some sort.

Everything is pretty nice and simple, you break the glass of the frames (or how else would it work as a bulletin board), cut a sheet of cork material the same size as the back of the frame, use adhesive (we found it easier to spray the back of the frame), and stick the cork material on.


Put it all together now and you’ve got a nice bulletin board to use. Of course you could go and paint the frame or decorate it, so it isn’t as boring and pops out some.

Ours were pretty small, but if you wanted a place for a few pictures, movie tickets, coupons, or note cards, it works just fine.


2.12 012


Deciding :: what needs to be on my shopping list

Wishing :: Zumba/Latin Fusion wasn’t so late in the day, even an hour earlier would make a big difference.

Waiting :: for the laundry to finish

Hoping :: I can ace my presentation/discussion in a couple weeks

Marveling :: that anyone can be a double major.  One seems to be taking up enough of my time.

Wondering :: how the guys living above me walk so loudly

Loving :: the extra day off, always giving me a 3 day weekend

Pondering :: what to write next (as in next weeks blog post…I know already!?)

Cooking :: chopped potatoes with spinach (quick and easy meal)

Playing :: Scramble with friends, word games are always fun

Considering :: taking a nap, even though today isn’t really that long

Knowing :: that I need to study more, with tests/midterms just around the corner

Admiring :: the beautiful sun shining in the sky

Giggling :: at the holiday colored goldfish my mom got me

Needing :: to clean my room before I have visitors

Feeling :: blessed to feel physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy.

Daily Stops

I thought I could share with you some of my favorite stops within the blogger atmosphere.


What if? 

This blog was actually introduced to me by one of my family members.  It definitely brings out the nerd in me (or at least more so then usual).  This blog takes readers most out of the world questions, or just questions that a normal person on the street probably wouldn’t ask, and they get answered.    Such as:  Have we produced enough paint to cover the entire land area of the world?  Or if you drop a bowling ball off the side of a boat how long will it take to hit the bottom?  The answers are just fascinating, and you tend to learn a little bit of something along the way too.


The author is obviously Mr. Wil Wheaton, who is an actor, blogger, author, and is well known in the nerd universe.  His blogs vary from day to day, as of right now he’s got a few guest bloggers on talking about life and such.  Wil blogs about life, sometimes going on vacation with his family, or working on tabletop one of his other jobs, or some of the charities he supports and is a part of.  Reading his blog wants to make me become a better blogger, so that I’m not just blogging because I have to, but blog because I want to, because there is always something to be said.


I’ve probably mentioned this blog before, but it is a good place to find good recipes that are still decently healthy.  My interest in the blog is mostly breads and smoothies (since those are simple enough), but you can find amazing meals to cook for dinner or some finger food to bring to a party.    I suggest checking this blog out; the food is good for you and tastes good too.


This is an ongoing community art project created by Frank Warren where people from all over the United States (and maybe even the world) mail in secrets anonymously on a postcard.  These secrets are then posted on the website, put into books or are put in museum exhibits.  The secrets posted are meant to be a world of acceptance, where as one person sends in a secret, someone else can connect to it and realize they aren’t alone.    Each week 10-15 new secrets are posted, some of them with a recurring theme, others more random.


Do you have any blogs to visit daily or love to read?