Meet Pickle

During December little elves come and visit my parent’s house to watch and make sure we are all being good.  We can always tell when they have gone to see Santa because when they come back they are in a different spot or different room.  Over the span of December more and more elves come out and can be seen in the tree, on shelves, or hanging off a light fixture of some sort.  The elves are all different some small, some short, some with hats, others with beards.

This is Pickle, he is the newest elf to come and visit our home.Pickle the Elf

This year Pickle ended up coming with me to the dorms to watch me.  He came with me after Thanksgiving and has been hanging around in my room making sure I study and stay focused.   He would have been around the entire dorm, but my roommates thought he was a little creepy looking so he was content staying in my room.

I’m excited to be going home and seeing the other elves that may have popped up since I was home in November.

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